Learn Shell Scripting for Free With These Resources [PDF, Video Courses and Interactive Websites]

So, you want to learn shell scripting? Or perhaps you want to improve your existing bash knowledge? I have collected a few resources that will help you learn shell scripting for free.
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A shell is a command-line interpreter that lets you type in commands to get an output. You’re already looking at a shell when you’re using the terminal.

Yes, a shell is a command-line interface that you can interact with to give some type of instructions to the operating system. While there are different types of shells, bash (GNU Bourne-Again Shell) is the popular one used by almost every Linux distro out there.

When talk about shell scripting, that means — a user wants to execute multiple commands to get an output using a script.

You may need to learn shell scripting as part of your course curriculum or as part of your job. Knowing shell scripting also helps you automate certain repeated tasks in Linux.

Whatever be the reason for learning shell scripting, let me show you the resources.

Top Free Resources to Learn Shell Scripting

Learn Shell Scripting

Don’t have Linux installed on your system? No, worries. There are various ways of using Linux terminal on Windows. You may also use online Linux terminals in some cases to practice shell scripting.

1. Learn Shell [Interactive web portal]


If you’re looking for an interactive web portal to learn shell scripting and also try it online, Learn Shell is a great place to start.

It covers the basics and offers some advanced exercises as well. The content is usually brief and to the point – hence, I’d recommend you to check this out.

Learn Shell

2. Bash Beginner Series from Linux Handbook [Web Portal]

Free bash course for beginners

An online tutorial series for bash beginners. The series is divided into chapters and each chapter has practice exercises.

Bash Scripting Tutorial Series for Beginners [Free]
Get started with Bash Shell script learning with practical examples. Also test your learning with practice exercises.

3. Shell Scripting Tutorial [Web portal]

Shell Scripting Tutorial

Shell scripting tutorial is web resource that’s completely dedicated for shell scripting. You can choose to read the resource for free or can opt to purchase the PDF, book, or the e-book to support it.

Of course, paying for the paperback edition or the e-book is optional. But, the resource should come in handy for free.

Shell Scripting Tutorial

4. Shell Scripting – Udemy (Free video course)

Shell Scripting Udemy

Udemy is unquestionably one of the most popular platforms for online courses. And, in addition to the paid certified courses, it also offers some free stuff that does not include certifications.

Shell Scripting is one of the most recommended free course available on Udemy for free. You can enroll in it without spending anything.

Shell Scripting – Udemy

5. Bash Shell Scripting – Udemy (Free video course)

Bash Shell Scripting

Yet another interesting free course focused on bash shell scripting on Udemy. Compared to the previous one, this resource seems to be more popular. So, you can enroll in it and see what it has to offer.

Not to forget that the free Udemy course does not offer any certifications. But, it’s indeed an impressive free shell scripting learning resource.

6. Bash Academy [online portal with interactive game]

The Bash Academy

As the name suggests, the bash academy is completely focused on educating the users about bash shell.

It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced users even though it does not offer a lot of content. Not just limited to the guide — but it also used to offer an interactive game to practice which no longer works.

Hence, if this is interesting enough, you can also check out its GitHub page and fork it to improve the existing resources if you want.

Bash Academy

7. Bash Scripting LinkedIn Learning (Free video course)

Learn Bash Scripting Linkedin

LinkedIn offers a number of free courses to help you improve your skills and get ready for more job opportunities. You will also find a couple of courses focused on shell scripting to brush up some basic skills or gain some advanced knowledge in the process.

Here, I’ve linked a course for bash scripting, you can find some other similar courses for free as well.

Bash Scripting (LinkedIn Learning)

8. Advanced Bash Scripting Guide [Free PDF book]

Advanced Bash Scripting Pdf

An impressive advanced bash scripting guide available in the form of PDF for free. This PDF resource does not enforce any copyrights and is completely free in the public domain.

Even though the resource is focused on providing advanced insights. It’s also suitable for beginners to refer this resource and start to learn shell scripting.

Advanced Bash Scripting Guide [PDF]

9. Bash Notes for Professionals [Free PDF book]

Bash Notes For Professional

This is good reference guide if you are already familiar with Bash Shell scripting or if you just want a quick summary.

This free downloadable book runs over 100 pages and covers a wide variety of scripting topics with the help of brief description and quick examples.

Download Bash Notes for Professional

10. Tutorialspoint [Web portal]

Tutorialspoint Shell

Tutorialspoint is a quite popular web portal to learn a variety of programming languages. I would say this is quite good for starters to learn the fundamentals and the basics.

This may not be suitable as a detailed resource — but it should be a useful one for free.


11. City College of San Francisco Online Notes [Web portal]

Scripting Notes Ccsf

This may not be the best free resource there is — but if you’re ready to explore every type of resource to learn shell scripting, why not refer to the online notes of City College of San Francisco?

I came across this with a random search on the Internet about shell scripting resources.

Again, it’s important to note that the online notes could be a bit dated. But, it should be an interesting resource to explore.

City College of San Francisco Notes

Honorable mention: Linux Man Page

Bash Linux Man Page

Not to forget, the man page for bash should also be a fantastic free resource to explore more about the commands and how it works.

Even if it’s not tailored as something that lets you master shell scripting, it is still an important web resource that you can use for free. You can either choose to visit the man page online or just head to the terminal and type the following command to get help:

man bash

Wrapping Up

There are also a lot of popular paid resources just like some of the best Linux books available out there. It’s easy to start learning about shell scripting using some free resources available across the web.

In addition to the ones I’ve mentioned, I’m sure there must be numerous other resources available online to help you learn shell scripting.

Do you like the resources mentioned above? Also, if you’re aware of a fantastic free resource that I possibly missed, feel free to tell me about it in the comments below.

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