10 Best Open Source Bots for Your Discord Server

Looking for open-source Discord bots to boost the functionality of your Discord server? We have curated this list for you.
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Discord started as a platform where gamers and friends could hang out. Discord has over 150 million users in 2022, even after turning down a $12 billion offer from Microsoft.

If it is your first time hearing about it, consider it something like Slack, but with countless fun functionalities to create communities (i.e., servers).

Among all the features, Discord bots allow automating things or spice up your server. But most of them are proprietary. So, in this list, I suggest some of the best open-source Discord bots.

Note: Bots can spread malware and affect your entire Discord server. You must ensure that you do not add bots you do not know about. And this is why you might want to trust open-source Discord bots more than other options.

1. MonitoRSS

monitorss itsfoss


  • RSS Feed
  • Filters and Subscriptions
  • Hosted

MonitoRSS is a useful Discord bot that enables your community to receive news from any sources that support RSS.

It is a reasonably popular bot that works as expected. You can add it to a particular channel, customize its look, and start getting news updates on your Discord server.

It also lets you filter articles for your feed and allow users to subscribe to an article as per their liking. This can be managed and customized using a web interface control panel.

Explore more on its GitHub page.

2. ModMail

modmail discord


  • Enables users to contact server staff
  • Self-host
  • Hosted version
  • Optional premium

ModMail is a simple open-source Discord bot that seamlessly lets a user contact the staff/admins/moderators of a Discord channel.

Traditionally, you have to reach out to multiple people via DMs to expect help on something you want to know. However, some servers have many users, so it may be difficult for the server staff to get back to you.

ModMail creates a separate channel when you send a message to the bot. And this channel acts as a shared inbox to all the administrators, mods, and you.

modmail bot

Not only does easy messaging, but it also helps the server staff to conveniently read past transcripts, enable automated replies, save snippets of them, respond anonymously, and more. Some features are premium-only.

You can check out its official website and GitHub page for more info. It also gives you all the necessary information to self-host it.

3. Red Discord Bot (Self-Hosted)

red discord bot


  • Highly Customizable
  • Moderation tasks
  • Good documentation
  • Multipurpose

Red is an entirely modular bot that provides you with many functions, including music, moderation, trivia, stream alerts, and more.

Red should be useful whether you want it to send welcome messages or help moderate the server.

Unlike some others, you cannot add the bot directly to your server. You will have to self-host it, configure it, and then get the ability to add it to your server.

The installation does not need any sort of coding; you have to follow the documentation.

4. Discord Music Bot (Self-Hosted)

discord music bot


  • It supports Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.
  • It offers shuffling, volume control, and a web dashboard to manage it all.

Discord Music Bot (not a unique name, I know) is a pretty popular Discord bot that you can self-host.

It supports Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Some features include shuffling, volume control, and a web dashboard.

You can follow the instructions on its GitHub page to install and configure it for your server.

5. Discord Tickets (Self-Hosted)

discord tickets


  • Ticket management
  • Add custom branding for free

Do you have customers for your services/products on Discord? You can use Discord Tickets to manage/create tickets and add your branding for free.

Most of the Discord’s popular ticket management bots are proprietary and require a premium subscription to add your brand logo.

With Discord Tickets, you can self-host and customize as per your requirements. Explore more about it on its GitHub page.

6. EvoBot (Self-Hosted)



  • Highly customizable
  • Search for music or use a URL to play

EvoBot is yet another open-source music Discord bot with lots of customization options.

You can play music from YouTube and SoundCloud using its URL or search/play.

Explore more about its installation and configuration on its GitHub page.

7. Atlanta Bot

atlanta bot


  • Hosted version
  • Self-host option
  • Web dashboard
  • Multipurpose

AtlantaBot is yet another all-in-one bot that provides functionalities for moderation, music, fun commands, and several commands.

Furthermore, it features its dashboard with valuable options. You can set up the dashboard and manage your server/configuration through it. You can also perform limited translations using the bot.

It can be self-hosted, but if you would rather not make an effort, you can invite a hosted version of the bot.

8. YAGPDB (Self-Hosted)

reddit feed yagpdb


  • Custom commands
  • Automatic moderator
  • Reddit/YouTube feed
  • Moderation tasks

YAGPDB stands for Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot.

With this bot, you can quickly perform general moderation tasks, add custom commands, create an automatic moderator, manage/create roles, and pull Reddit/YouTube feeds.

It is configurable. So, you can do more with it than what I just mentioned. Explore more about it on its GitHub page.

9. Loritta



  • Hosted version
  • Self-host option
  • Engagement and Moderation features.

If you are looking for a multipurpose Discord bot with an interesting character, Loritta would be a good pick.

It supports moderation, entertainment, and automation features. You can self-host it or use the hosted version.

The developer presents the bot as a girl who helps you moderate, entertain, and engage the members of your server. Additionally, it offers a premium plan for some extra perks.

Explore more about it on its GitHub page.

10. Melijn



  • Hosted version
  • Self-host option
  • Moderation features.

Melijn is yet another multipurpose bot for Discord servers.

You can interact with audio commands, moderate, perform user verifications, and create role groups.

It offers a hosted version and lets you self-host it, following the instructions on its GitHub page.

What’s Your Favorite Discord Bot?

If you are a Discord server moderator or admin, what bot do you like to use for your community?

Do you focus on moderation features or engagement features? What are the standard features that you look for in a Discord bot?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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