FOSS Weekly #24.25: New Adélie Linux, Lindroid, Arch Install and More

It's raining new and interesting projects this week.
Warp Terminal

An interesting project appeared on my timeline. It's called Lindroid and it aims to let users run Linux distros inside Android in a new way. Check it out.

This Project Lets You Run Linux as an App on Android
Linux can run in all forms and sizes. And, that’s true.

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💬 Let's see what else you get in this edition:

  • A new independent distro, Adélie Linux
  • Resetting forgotten root password in Ubuntu
  • System monitor Mission Center has new updates
  • And other Linux news, videos and, of course, memes!
  • This edition of FOSS Weekly is supported by Warp.

✨ Warp: Terminal Reimagined

Built with Rust for Speed, Warp is a new-age terminal emulator with IDE-like features. The new Agent Mode lets you interact with the AI in the natural English language.

Agent Mode in Warp AI
A command line interface that understands plain English in addition to traditional commands. Use Agent Mode to accomplish multi-step workflows.

Warp is not open source software.

📰 Linux news

  • openSUSE Leap 15.6 release is good news for system admins.
  • SoftMaker's free (but not open source) offering, FreeOffice 2024 is out now.
  • Google is trying to bring ChromeOS and Android closer.
  • ActivityWatch has received a new major release after a year.
  • Mission Center has become one of the best task managers for desktop Linux with a recent release.
  • Databricks had announced earlier this week that they intend to open-source Unity Catalog. But, it's not been done yet, we wonder what happened.

Cinnamon version 6.2 is released ahead of the Linux Mint 22 release.

Cinnamon 6.2 is Ready for Linux Mint 22 With Subtle Feature Additions
Cinnamon 6.2 isn’t a massive upgrade, but it’s the one meant for Linux Mint 22. That makes it exciting!

🧠 What we’re thinking about

Non-skippable ads on YouTube might become a reality soon.

Non-Skippable YouTube Ads: Google’s New Plan to Kill Open-Source Browser Extensions like SponsorBlock
Google’s back at it again, with a new strategy for YouTube.

🧮 Linux Tips, Tutorials and More

If you are new to the command line, this is the perfect starting point for you.

Linux Command Line Introduction [Free Course]
Want to know the basics of the Linux command line? Here’s a tutorial series with a hands-on approach.

You won't believe how easy it is as long as you have physical access to the computer. It's almost the same as resetting forgotten account password.

Reset Forgotten Root Password in Ubuntu [Easily]
You had set up root password in Ubuntu but cannot remember it now? Here’s how to reset forgotten root password in Ubuntu and hopefully in other Debian-based distros.

Have young kids at home? This simple trick enables safe internet browsing.

Easily Block Adult Content on Ubuntu and Other Linux
Change the DNS to OpenDNS’s family shield and it will automatically blocks a huge number of adult websites.

📹 Video tutorial

A few months ago, I made this video that shows how easy it is to install Arch these days.

✨ Project highlights

Tracking expenses made intuitive with this open-source expense manager.

This Open-Source Expense Manager for Android Looks Sleek!
It’s all about money with this tracker, and it’s very useful.

How about an independent Linux distro that aims to be a POSIX certified distribution?

Adélie Linux is an Intriguing Independent Distribution
It’s been a while since we checked out an independent Linux distribution. Adélie Linux sounds interesting.

🧩 New quiz

Can you beat the Riddler? We know Batman can.

Batman Saves Linux: Riddles
Guess the distributions by solving the riddles.

💡 Quick handy tip

On the GNOME Extensions Manager App, you can check whether the installed extensions are compatible with newer GNOME releases.

Open the app, and from the top-right hamburger menu, select “Upgrade Assistant”.

Now, from the new window, select the required GNOME version and click on “Check Compatibility”.

It will give you an overview of your installed extensions and their compatibility with the GNOME version you selected.

If you don't know what the Extension Manager is, refer to our detailed guide on it.

‘Extension Manager’ App Helps You Install and Manage GNOME Shell Extensions
Extension Manager is an exciting unofficial alternative to GNOME’s official Extensions app to help you manage GNOME shell extensions. Let’s take a closer look.

🤣 Meme of the week

I have *matured* out of distrohopping. What about you? 🤔

🗓️ Tech Trivia

June 17, 1980, was the day when the first two video games were copyrighted. Those were Atari's Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

Pro FOSSer Ernie shares another one of Microsoft's shady moves.

Microsoft put profit over security, leaving customers vulnerable to atack for years?
If you use any Microsoft cloud product that includes AD FS for single-login authentication, read this item, in its entirety! Now! This item describes yet another reason to use open source products, and avoid the closed-source alternatives. My2Cents, Ernie

Longtime FOSSer, Paul, shares his experience of how he rescued a client's computer using Puppy Linux.

Linux puppy the saving tool
Bit of a long story, please bear with me for why. Yesterday had a windows 11 client unable to access her computer, no internet, no one drive and password forgotten. Ok this is not a windows site but relates to how linux can be used. Several years ago, I discovered Linux puppy, it was tiny, took no space, did not need installing, ran direct from usb in memory and you could remove the usb after loading. I down .oaded a copy of the iso and created a boot usb key. Then removed all the stuff I just…

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