FOSS Weekly #24.23: Pi 5 as Desktop, Microsoft's Recall Disaster, Pinokio Browser and More

Open source to source open. Things have changed.
Warp Terminal

A few years back, a reader asked me why there are so many Linux distributions when most of them look similar. I came up with this analogy 👇

What is Linux? Why There are 100’s of Linux OS?
Cannot figure out what is Linux and why there are so many of Linux? This analogy explains things in a simpler manner.

If you ever find a new Linux user getting confused with this question, please share this article with them.

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💬 Let's see what else you get in this edition:

  • A new Linux Lite release.
  • Generating images using AI on Linux for free.
  • Windows Recall is even worse of a privacy nightmare.
  • An interesting interview with the founder of SimpleLogin.
  • And other Linux news, videos and, of course, memes!

✨ CrossOver: Run supported Windows software on Linux

With CrossOver, you can run several, not all, Windows-only software on Linux. Yes, it is like WINE. CrossOver contributes significantly to WINE so you are indirectly supporting WINE development with CrossOver purchase.

Discover how easy it is to run Windows apps on Mac and Linux with CrossOver.
Don’t buy a Windows license, don’t reboot or use a virtual machine until you try CrossOver for Mac and Linux. Download a free 14 day trial now and get your Windows apps running on Mac and Linux.

📰 Linux news

  • Internxt has launched a free VPN service.
  • AI-powered terminal Warp is now available for Linux ARM.
  • You can now generate AI images for free using Opera on Linux.
  • Microsoft's WSL has new updates that make it easier to use Linux.
  • Kdenlive 24.05.0 is here with a focus on social media content creators.
  • Linux Lite 7.0 “Galena” with an Ubuntu 24.04 base was recently released.
  • Rhino Linux has bounced back after reports of developer burnout with a new release.

Microsoft has messed up big time with their upcoming AI-powered feature called “Recall”.

Microsoft’s Recall AI Declared Insecure by Expert Before Launch
Uh-Oh, Microsoft, it doesn’t look like you will be able to earn user’s trust with things like this.

We had a very insightful conversation with Son Nguyen, the founder of SimpleLogin.

From SimpleLogin to Proton: Son Nguyen’s Journey to Protect Privacy
An interview with Son Nguyen, the genius behind SimpleLogin email alias, now working with Proton.

🧠 What we’re thinking about

What are your thoughts on this hotly debated topic?

From Open Source to Source Available: How Things Changed
Confused? We help you a give you a little clarity on open-source vs source-available.

🧮 Linux Tips, Tutorials and More

Are you familiar with AsciiDoc? If not, this guide can help:

Complete Guide for Using AsciiDoc in Linux
This detailed guide discusses the advantages of using AsciiDoc and shows you how to install and use AsciiDoc in Linux.

Summer means taking time for some hobbies, like assembling this Arduino-based rover.

Run Your Own Mars Rover With This Arduino Kit
My summer is going well with these DIY robotics kits.

And I share my experience using the Raspberry Pi 5 as a regular computer.

Can You Use Raspberry Pi 5 as a Desktop Computer?
The short answer is yes. And I am saying that after more than a month of using the Raspberry Pi 5.

🛍️ Linux eBook bundle

From the prestigious No Starch Press, a DRM-free eBook bundle covering various aspects of Linux and DevOps. I highly recommend getting it.

Humble Tech Book Bundle: Networking, Sysadmin, and DevOps by No Starch
IT pros, this book bundle will get you up to speed with DevOps, teach you Linux tips and tricks, and demystify containerization. Your purchase helps charity!

📹 Video tutorial

✨ Project highlights

A private browser for your Android device is an important privacy tool to have.

DDG Private Browser on Android is a Super Privacy Tool That You Didn’t Know!
The super cool privacy tool for Android.

This tool lets you install AI apps effortlessly on Linux.

I Installed AI Apps in a Single Click on My Linux System With Pinokio
You can also install AI apps in one-click with Pinokio AI browser.

🧩 New quiz

Can you name them all? 🤔

Faces of Open Source: Quiz
Do you know what they’re known for? Let’s find out.

💡 Quick handy tip

In file managers, the location bar is editable and supports autocompletion and suggestions.

First click on the location bar to make it editable, or just press CTRL + L to access the location bar.

Start typing the address, and if it exists, it will show suggestions in a small dropdown menu. It also respects relative paths.

🤣 Meme of the week

Well, the mirror isn't lying.

🗓️ Tech Trivia

June 1, 1999, was the day when the notorious file sharing service Napster was released. It became an instant hit, with many users flocking to it to download MP3 files.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

This time, I had a request to convey to my fellow FOSSers.

Help It’s FOSS Survive Google’s Algorithm Changes and AI Overviews
Hello fellow FOSSers, For the past few months, the world’s biggest web search engine, Google, has made several changes to its algorithms. It is pushing AI overview which basically takes content from various websites and displays it in the search results. Google has trained its AI on the website content from all over the world. But they have decided to pay to bigger players like Reddit and StackOverflow, who can sue them. The trouble is that the Google’s AI is hallucinating and giving garbage…

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Abhishek Prakash

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