FOSS Weekly #23.26: Linux Kernel 6.4, Red Hat Lock Down, Exodia OS and More

Red Hat's upsetting trend continues. Among other things, learn about Exodia OS, a new Linux distro.
Warp Terminal

Red Hat made a decision to restrict access to its source code for paying customers only. This move is likely to 'kill' projects like Rocky Linux and Alma Linux that have filled the void left by CentOS (also killed by Red Hat).

The reason, in my opinion, is that Red Hat doesn't want paying (enterprise) clients to go for its clones like Rocky and Alma Linux. From CentOS discontinuation to this, the move is money-inspired.

💬 Let's see what else you get in this edition of FOSS Weekly:

  • Continuation of our Bash Basics series
  • Exodia OS, an alternative to Kali Linux
  • A new non-LTS Linux Kernel was released recently
  • And other Linux news, videos, and, of course, memes!

📰 Linux news

Linux Kernel 6.4 was recently released as a non-LTS release with many upgrades.

Linux Kernel 6.4 Released: Embracing Apple M2, New Hardware, and More Rust Code
It’s a new Linux Kernel release day! Hardware enthusiast? Dive in to learn more what Linux Kernel 6.4 brings in.

🧠 What we’re thinking about

Software Freedom Conservancy thinks that Red Hat's decision to restrict access to source code for paying customers may have violated GPL.

A Comprehensive Analysis of the GPL Issues With the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Business Model
This article was originally published primarily as a response to IBM’s Red Hat’s change to no longer publish complete, corresponding source (CCS) for RHEL and the prior discontinuation of CentOS Linux (which are related events, as described below). We hope that this will serve as a compre…

🧮 Tutorials

In the third installment of our Bash Basics series, you will learn how to pass arguments to bash scripts and make them interactive.

Bash Basics #3: Pass Arguments and Accept User Inputs
Learn how to pass arguments to bash scripts and make them interactive in this chapter of the Bash Basics series.

The Terminal Tuesday continues with the cat command.

Using cat Command in Linux
Cat command can be used for more than just displaying file contents.

Xfce user? Here are some theme suggestions for you.

11 Themes to Make Xfce Look Modern and Beautiful
Xfce desktop looks outdated? No worries. Here are some of the best themes to make your Xfce desktop look beautiful.

📹 What we are watching

Gedit can be turned into Gedit++ with some simple tips and tweaks.

✨ Project highlights

We recently tested out a Kali Linux alternative that can be used for pen testing purposes.

Exodia OS is a Linux Distro for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts
A new alternative to Kali Linux fans. What do you think?

Reddit's controversial API changes have resulted in the rise of alternative platforms, one such undertaking is Lemmy.

Lemmy: A Decentralized Open-Source Reddit Alternative To Explore
Are you looking for an open-source Reddit alternative? Well, this is something!

🧩 Puzzle (for Pro members only)

Uncover the names of various Linux distributions that offer alternatives to the systemd init system.

Puzzle of The Week: Word Search #3: Systemd-free Linux Distributions
Exercise those ‘little gray cells’ of yours and solve this puzzle.

🛍️ Interesting deal for you

Internxt is offering 2 TB cloud storage for a mere €10.79 a year as part of their summer sale. (WILL BE OVER IN 2 DAYS!)

Internxt Pricing – Get Up To 10GB Free!
Sign up for an Internxt secure cloud storage subscription and get access to our monthly newsletter filled with the latest tech news and updates.

💡 Quick handy tip

You can enable autosave feature in Gedit from Preferences -> Editor. By default, it autosaves every 10 minutes but you can change the duration to your liking.

It won't work with a brand new text file that has never been saved before.

🤣 Meme of the week

Why fight among ourselves when we can unite against close-source operating systems?

🗓️ Tech Trivia

The iconic video game company, Atari, was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney on June 27, 1972. Their first and hugely successful game, Pong, led to the start of the video game industry.

Did you own an Atari?

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

An interesting thread where Community members share why they switched to Linux.

Windows refugees, why have you changed to Linux?
The difference is, in Linux one can fix things. Linux may have more things to fix, but at least you are not powerless.

Come, share your thoughts, too.

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