FOSS Weekly #23.16: Fedora 38 & Ubuntu 23.04 Released, ChatGPT in Terminal and More

It's all about Ubuntu 23.04 releases. And also about Fedora 38. And also about AI in the terminal.
Warp Terminal

A day late? I deliberately delayed the newsletter so that you get all big releases in the form of Ubuntu 23.04 and Fedora 38. All official flavors of Ubuntu 23.04 are available as well. The interesting news is that the educational distro Edubuntu has made a comeback.

Terminal Basics Series ends this week with the tenth chapter. I plan to cover command examples next. Not sure if it can be in the form of a series.

💬 Let's see what else you have in this edition of FOSS Weekly:

  • ChatGPT like AI in the terminal
  • Continuation of the Rust series and conclusion of the Terminal Basics series
  • Introducing the new and improved commenting system
  • More Linux news, videos, and of course, memes!

📽️ Big releases of this week

Ubuntu 23.04 adds the magic of GNOME 44 with its own tweaks and improvements.

Ubuntu 23.04 Releases With New Installer, A New Flavour, and GNOME 44
Ubuntu 23.04 adds the magic of GNOME 44 with its own tweaks and improvements. Check it out here.

Other Ubuntu flavors are also available now.

Among Ubuntu releases, don't forget about Fedora 38.

Fedora 38 Arrives With Unrestricted Flathub Access
Fedora 38 has arrived! Go explore GNOME 44 and better security with this release.

📰 Other Linux News

Edubuntu makes a comeback as a modern distro for Education.

Still Alive! Edubuntu is back From the Dead With Version 23.04 Release
Edubuntu makes a comeback as a modern distro for Education.

🧠 What we’re thinking about

The Rust Foundation apologized for the trademark policy confusion they caused earlier.

Rust Foundation apologizes for trademark policy confusion
Should have wrapped proposed rules on name and logo use in unsafe {} ?

⛓️️ Tutorial series

The final one in our Terminal Basics series is here, and it is all about getting help from the Linux terminal itself.

Linux Terminal Basics #10: Getting Help in Linux Terminal
Learn how you can get help about using Linux commands in the final chapter of the Terminal Basics series.

In the fourth chapter of our Rust Basics Series, you will learn about Rust's various compound data types.

Rust Basics Series #4: Arrays and Tuples in Rust
In the fourth chapter of the Rust series, learn about compound data types, Arrays and Tuples.

‍🤖 AI in Linux Terminal

Ever since ChatGPT was unveiled to the public, there has been a surge in AI-based tools and applications. Here's a fun one for Linux fans.

Generate Linux Commands from English Text Using ChatGPT AI
An AI in your Linux terminal to turn your commands in plain English language to actual Linux commands.

📹 What we are watching

Michael Horn shares his Linux gaming experience.

✨ Application highlight

A very useful clipboard manager for the GNOME users out there.

Pano Clipboard Manager is An Awesome GNOME Extension You Need
A nifty clipboard manager that offers a visually-rich interface and valuable options.

🤣 Linux Humor

The four horsemen of soberness; Only time will tell, whether Wine will get support for these or not.

💬 Using the improved comment section

You may notice that the comment section looks a little different. It's been upgraded to a newer version which gives it a more polished and modern look with auto dark theme switch.

Dark mode comment section on It's FOSS

As an It's FOSS member, when you are signed into the website, you are also signed in for the comment section automatically. No need for a Hyvor account anymore.

Please note that the login button in the comment section doesn't work. Click on the Membership button in the bottom right corner to sign in.

Also, please visit your account details and ensure that you have correctly entered your name.

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