FOSS Weekly #23.12: GNOME 44 Released, New carbonOS Distro, LUKS and More Linux Stuff

A new independent Linux distro named carbonOS is the highlight of this week, along with GNOME 44 releases.

GNOME 44 is out now. The upcoming Ubuntu 23.04 and Fedora 38 will feature this new release. Rolling release distros will offer it sooner than other distros.

There are a few new distros that have come up lately. One interesting distribution is carbonOS featured in this edition of FOSS Weekly newsletter.

💬 Let's see what else you have this week:

  • The final chapter in the one-of-its-kind NixOS tutorial series
  • Continuing the terminal basics series for Linux beginners
  • A quick intro to LUKS encryption
  • And more Linux news, open source applications, videos and memes

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📰 Linux News Round-up

GNOME 44 is Here With New Tricks Up its Sleeve
GNOME 44 is finally here with revamped settings, updated quick settings, accessibility improvements, and more.

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Learn all about Linux with this mega book bundle from Packt. This library will help you deepen your understanding of the popular open-source OS—whether you’re a system administrator, network engineer, or simply interested in what Linux can do.

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Humble Tech Book Bundle: Linux MEGA Bundle by Packt
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🧠 What we’re thinking about

The Internet Archive has been in a legal battle with some big book publishers for some time now; to decide if digital lending violates copyright laws. The interesting part is that the publishers cannot prove that digital lending is hurting their sales, and a federal judge is set to give the final verdict on this soon.

Book publishers with surging profits struggle to prove Internet Archive hurt sales
A federal judge will soon decide if digital lending violates copyright laws.
On March 20, 1800, Italian scientist Alessandro Volta announced the first ever electric battery. The electrical unit of the Volt is named in Volta’s honor. He also discovered Methane gas.

⛓️️Tutorial series

All good things come to an end eventually. The final chapter in the five-part NixOS tutorial series is here. I hope you enjoyed this series. We intend to create more tutorial series like this in the future. Suggestions are welcome.

NixOS Series #5: How to set up home-manager on NixOS?
Here’s how you can easily set up the home-manager to install/remove packages on NixOS.

The terminal basics series is still ongoing though. The latest chapter teaches file and folder deletion in the terminal.

Delete Files and Folders in Linux Command Line
You have learned to create files and directories. Now it is time to learn about deleting files and folders in the command line.

‍✨ Fresh on It's FOSS

Bill shares a brief overview of the LUKS encryption in the Linux Jargon Buster series.

What is LUKS Encryption?
LUKS is a popular mechanism for disk encryption among Linux users. Learn more about LUKS in this jargon buster article.

Not every day we come across independent distros. Take a look at the interesting carbonOS distribution.

carbonOS: This Upcoming Independent Distro is All About UX and Robust Experience
carbonOS is a new upcoming distro on the radar. Explore more about it here.

📹 What we are watching

More power to FOSS

📱Application highlights

A handy Linux app to store your desktop configuration.

Effortlessly Save Your Linux Desktop Settings with SaveDesktop
A handy Linux app to store your desktop configuration. Yes, to that!

🤣 Linux Humor

They can't Right?, Right?

Linux helping low end PC meme

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