FOSS Weekly #23.09: Fedora 38 and GNOME 44 Features, NixOS Guide and More

April will see the release of next versions of Ubuntu and Fedora. March will have next version of KDE and GNOME.
Warp Terminal

Lots of interesting development from Ubuntu, Pop OS and Fedora this week. GNOME 44 and KDE Plasma are also gearing up for their next major version release.

💬 Let's see what you have this week:

  • Sneak peek into the features of Fedora 38 and GNOME 44
  • A funny sudo trick
  • Continuation of NixOS and Terminal Basics series
  • And more Linux news, open source applications, videos and memes

📰 Linux News Round-up

7 Cool GNOME 44 Features To Watch Out For
GNOME 44 is around the corner. Learn more about the features arriving with GNOME 44 release.
7 Fedora 38 Features That Makes The Upgrade Exciting
Let us take a look at the feature changes arriving with Fedora 38.

🛒 Interesting offer

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Humble Tech Book Bundle: Think Like a Programmer by No Starch
We’ve teamed up with No Starch Press for our newest bundle. Get books like Write Great Code & more programming resources. Plus, pay what you want & support charity!

🧠 What we’re thinking about

Homelabs are getting popular among hobbyists. Self hosted applications are on the rise.

The rise of self-hosted apps
Here’s a sleeper prediction: a new crop of killer consumer apps are coming: self-hosted PWAs, and they will replace cloud services for many uses.
On February 26, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, introduced WorldWideWeb, the first web browser. This software was later renamed Nexus to remove confusion from the World Wide Web.

⛓️️Tutorial series

In this chapter of the Terminal Basics series, learn about displaying the contents of a directory, sorting them and checking file stats.

Listing the Contents of Directory With ls Command in Linux
In this chapter of Terminal Basics series, learn about displaying the contents of a directory, sorting them and checking file stats.

The first chapter discussed the advantages of NixOS. This one shows the steps for installing it in a VM.

NixOS Series #2: How to Install NixOS on a Virtual Machine?
Want to try NixOS? Get started by installing it on a virtual machine.

👩‍💻 Fun with terminal

In the mood for some crude humor?

Make Sudo Insult User For Each Incorrect Password Attempt
Have fun with sudo. Tweak sudo settings a bit so that it throws insults at users for each incorrect password attempt.

📹 What we are watching

An old video where Linus Torvalds talks about his first line of code.

📱Application highlights

A GTK frontend to ImageMagick, Conjure offers an array of graphical tricks and effects.

GitHub - nate-xyz/conjure: Magically transform your images.
Magically transform your images. Contribute to nate-xyz/conjure development by creating an account on GitHub.

An open source project to turn your rough sketches into AI-generated images.

Scribble Diffusion
Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI

🤣 Linux Humor

That's deep :)

Linux helping low end PC meme

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Enjoy :)

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