Minetest, Free Alternative Of MineCraft. Get It In Ubuntu!

Minecraft is one of the most popular geek game of recent times. For someone, who has never heard of it, Minecraft might look like an ugly 8 bit game in these days of high end graphics, but it is ruling the geekdom like a boss. Minecraft is an open world game where a player starts by placing blocks to build a world of its own. The game is available on almost all the major platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, XBox, PS3. There is one thing though, this game costs a lot, in each version. It is available for free only on Raspberry Pi.

Mintest Gameplay

If you don’t want to spend on Minecraft, you can try the free and open source alternative of Minecraft, Minetest. Minetest is heavily inspired by Minecraft and is strikingly similar to it in terms of game play, looks and feel. The game is in early stages, just like Age of Empire alternate to Linux, 0 A.D. But it still boasts of several features.

Features of Minetest:

  • Open world game allows you to do whatever you want.
  • Multiplayer support for several players
  • Voxel based dynamic lighting
  • Fairly good map generator (limited to +-31000 blocks in all directions at the moment)
  • Runs natively on Windows and Linux

Install Minetest in Ubuntu:

Minetest is available in Ubuntu Software Center for Ubuntu 13.04 (not sure of earlier versions). Alternatively, you can install it via the official PPA in the following manner:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:minetestdevs/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install minetestc55 

You can also download the Windows version from Minetest website. What you think of Minetest, is it a good free alternative of Minecraft or would you rather prefer to pay for Minecraft?

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