On It’s FOSS, we regularly test various Linux distributions and share our experience with them. If you like to know about different distros, do read the reviews.

Latest Linux distribution reviews

Here are the latest reviews of various Linux distributions.

Got an old computer? Revive it with these distributions

One of the several reasons why people use Linux is its ability to run on old computers. Here we reviewed some Linux distros for old laptops and desktops. Read the reviews and see which Linux distribution is more suited for your needs.

Ubuntu 20.04 Flavors

There are various Ubuntu flavors available and here we review most of them (if not all) in the 20.04 LTS series.

Distros for a purpose

These Linux distributions have been specially crafted for a specific purpose be it hacking, schooling or gaming.

Kali Linux Review: Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Kali Linux is not for beginners. Is that true? What is the use of Kali Linux then? Should you use Kali Linux or stick to some other mainstream distribution like Linux Mint or Zorin OS? Read this Kali Linux Review and find out.

Not so popular but worth a look

Here are some unusual Linux distributions that might not be popular but worth checking out because they are different than your regular Linux distributions.

[Review] Void Linux, a Linux BSD Hybrid

There are distros that follow the crowd and there are others that try to make their own path through the tall weed. Created from scratch, Void Linux is an interesting distribution.

For nostalgia: Reviews of discontinued Linux distributions

Distributions of yesteryear. These distributions once had a good fan base but they don’t exist anymore. If you are feeling nostalgic or curious, you may read the reviews of these distros when they were alive and kicking.

[Review] Pear OS 8: It’s All About Looks

I don’t understand the point of reinventing the wheel if you can’t make it better. Linux Mint has reinvented the wheel (Ubuntu) in a better one. Pear OS, on the other hand, while reinventing the wheel has focused so much on its look that the wheel is not ‘roll-able’ any more.