Finally! Linux Mint Is Taking Design Seriously

Design is an integral part of branding and often open source projects ignore it.

Linux Mint is no exception. While it has branded itself as the minty-green Linux distribution, the design part of the project is not up to the mark.

Take Cinnamon desktop for example. It has gained such popularity but even after these many years, it didn’t have a logo of its own, until now.

Yes, Cinnamon desktop finally going to its own logo and I personally cannot be happier about it. It means that I no longer have to use an image of Cinnamon spices.

New logo of Cinnamon Desktop

As Clem announced in a blog post that he has formed a new team of 8 people dedicated to design, artwork and styling. This team is working on new logos and website design of Cinnamon Spices website. If you do not know, Cinnamon Spices is the website dedicated to themes, icons, extensions etc for Cinnamon desktop environment.

I say, it’s much needed. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the present Cinnamon Spices website.

Older look of Cinnamon Spices website

Year 2016 is coming to an end and it’s a crime to have a website that looks like this. And this comes from me who is a layman when it comes to design.

Good thing is that it’s going to be changed. New look for the website has already been proposed and the revamped website would like this:

New Cinnamon Spices website

Apart from the looks, the new Cinnamon Spices website will filter all the old and broken themes etc. There is also the possibility of a “compatibility feature” which would indicate of the given theme or extension works with which version of Cinnamon.

This is a great decision taken by Linux Mint team, in my opinion. What do you think of it? Do you think that design is worth paying attention or just a waste of resources? Do share your views.

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  • I love Linux Mint and have been using it for last Six years. I love the design and theme initiative that they are taking. Can’t wait to check the new improved website. Thanks for the informative article.