Linus Torvalds To Join Microsoft To Head Windows 9 Project

This was an April fool joke. You can relax :)

This is breaking bad. This is big. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and a champion of free and open source software has finally call it a day and has agreed to join Microsoft as the project head of the upcoming Windows 9 project. According to Bloomberg, Linus will be working on a new Kernel design for Microsoft that will make, usually vulnerable, Windows OS virtually impossible to be infected by viruses and malware.

Windows 9

Windows 9 is the most ambitious program of Microsoft till date as it aims to revolutionize the computing experience like never before. Apart from no viruses, it will also not have the blue screen of death anymore. The OS will run smoothly on any PC, Tablet or Smartphone providing a unified experience on all devices. Windows 9 will boot very quickly (in 9 seconds) and will not slow down after one month of use. It will also not have tons of temporary files and user will face no registry problem at all.

(Linus + Microsoft) vs Apple?

Many in the industry seeing this step as an end to 20 years long battle between Linux and Microsoft. On the other hand, some speculate that this is the second level of Linus vs Apple battle and Linus has joined hands with Microsoft to take on Apple. Linus had been unhappy with the iOS file system and called it worse than that of Windows. Honestly, Linus has been unhappy over a lot of stuff lately, remember Fuck You, NVIDIA? Any ways, it would be interesting to see how Apple reacts to this move by Microsoft while it plans to take on Google with its recently launched ‘iSearch’ search engine.

Angry reactions from Linux fans:

The news of Linus joining Microsoft has outraged the hardcore Linux users. Forums and Google Plus are flooded with reactions from angry users who felt like cheated on this news. Billy Soft, who started using Ubuntu 2 weeks back, when his Windows Vista crashed, was almost in tears. “Man! I hate Windows”, said Billy, “I was making fun of my friends the other day for they are still using Windows. Windows is for grandpa, Linux is hip and cool. It makes you feel like a Geek. But now my friend just poked me asking if I’ll revert to Windows after 20 years.”

When I contacted Linus for his input on this news, on 1st April, he just smiled at me:

Linus Torvalds
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