Install .deb Files Easily And Quickly In Ubuntu 12.10 [Quick Tip]

install filesWhen you download some software or application from sources other than Ubuntu Software Center such as downloading the latest version of Skype, it comes in .deb (debian installer files). Installing .deb is not really a tough task. Just by double clicking on the .deb file, it opens Ubuntu Software Center to install the application. And that could be a little problem.

Ubuntu Software Center is known for eating resource. It is heavy, takes ages to load and makes your system crawl. It may be good for finding application but it certainly is not worth using just for installing a .deb file. Earlier Ubuntu used archive manager for installing .deb files but with time it changed and now Software Center is the default application for it.

Now the question is why use Ubuntu Software Center? If you are concerned about performance and use several ways to improve Ubuntu speed up such as using apt-fast and preload, you must consider a light weight alternative to install .deb files. And this is where Gdebi package installer helps you. Gedbi is a light weight program for managing .deb packages. It works very well with missing dependencies.

Install Gdebi Package Installer in Ubuntu:

Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and use the following command:

sudo apt-get install gdebi

The next time you go for installing .deb file, just right click on it and choose to install it with Gdebi. Cheers :)


  1. Ubuntu slowed my laptop down . You have to go thru to many changes just to get to video. I have to get video working so i can remove it. I am sorry i ever downloaded it on a fresh hard drive. Linux is more problems than it is worth.

      • I still have linux on a $70 hard drive which my dvd will not play. i tried everything i was told. No way. if i could get linux off my hard drive i would. You know how to get my dvd player to work??? I am running 14.4 I am not mad i just want windows back on it. I have ran new codes thru the terminal. Just about everything i have did. Still doesn’t work. There are others with the same problem. I can do alot with linux but it is not for me. One thing i am a gamer and it is on my gaming laptop. I have to buy a new hard drive for it. I own three laptops. All serve a different purpose. I do more than point and click. I get into what makes it work and how can i reformat it and make it better. Now linux is my dvd player doesn’t work. Peace man

        • Really sorry to hear that. I do not own any DVDs so I can’t give you any first hand knowledge. However, if you search the net with ‘how to play dvd on ubuntu 14.04’, you will get a lot of information. Also “all the software Ubuntu installs by default is open source and you can’t make an open source DVD player as the file format is not open source. It’s easy fix however see Restricted Formats in the official documentation” (not my words)
          You can wipe off Ubuntu by formatting the hard disc (Ubuntu portion only if it is a dual boot) with GParted. As I said earlier, I am a dud so far as IT is concerned but even I could use GParted.

          • Ok you are a dud. I tried everything that i could try to get the dvd player working. I installed everything linux . I even manually installed everything i could in the terminal. There is only Ubuntu 14.04 on my hard drive . I asked online with Ubuntu com and just online seems like no one knows. other people have the same problem. No one answered them. Why
            do you keep telling me you are a dud. i never said you were not . Peace

  2. Good post. You have been posting quite a few ‘HOW TOs’ about Linux and particularly about Ubuntu. Please keep up the good work. Not every open source enthusiast can be a Linux administrator. She may be a specialist in her own field and such posts are a boon to open source enthusiasts. Please keep up. I can only say a big thank you for all your posts.

  3. Great answer i had been trying for three days to get my printer to work. This was the answer. I am new to Ubuntu and so far I like it.


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