Install cpufreq In Ubuntu 13.04 To Save Power [Quick Tip]

Overheating of laptop, low battery life. power saving, these are the common troubles one faces in almost any operating system and in almost any laptop. Jupiter was one of the best application to reduce heating of laptops but its development stopped for reasons unknown. Though you can still install Jupiter in Ubuntu 13.04 from unofficial PPA but it is not the same thing as it will not be supported in future anymore.

With Ubuntu 13.04 TLP became the best alternative to Jupiter. But TLP is not the only tool that you can use to save battery and reduce overheating of laptops in Ubuntu 13.04. cpufreq is tiny daemon that does its job pretty well. Moreover, unlike TLP, it is not confined to command line. You can install it as an applet indicator and quickly control it from the top panel.

To install cpufreq in Ubuntu 13.04 use the following command in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

sudo apt-get install indicator-cpufreq

Voila! Nothing else needed here. Now just search for cpufreq in Unity Dash and it will be started. Once started, choose Powersave option to get better battery life and less overheating.

Install cpufreq in Ubuntu 13.04

Once you have set it to Powersave, you are good to go. Of course you can change the mode later as well. I deliberately did not discuss the CPU frequency mode as I want to keep this post short. More about it later, may be.

How to uninstall cpufreq:

Uninstalling cpufreq is as easy as it to install. Use the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-cpufreq

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Works in 16.04 too!

On Ubuntu 14.04 desktop, after running the installation command line, I had to log out and log back in before the icon appeared in the bar on top of the screen.


Thanks for the info. Indeed, it might be required.

Hi. Will this work on ubuntu 14.04? :)

I was searching icon of this programm in the GNOME everywhere when it's was under my nose =) So this is little help

1)some one says that if we use cpufreq it will damege our prosser. Is it true?
2)what is 'on demand " on cpufeq? which one you recommend?


Just keep it on Power saving mode... haven't faced any issue till date with it.

I did this but each time after a reboot it changes the setting back to performance. Any way to make it stay on powersave or ondemand?

after install cpufreq, open the terminal and type:

sed -i 's/^GOVERNOR=.*/GOVERNOR="powersave"/' /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils

This will save the default as powersave


Same here. At reboots it changes governor randomly, most times to Performance...

I am running this off of a USB stick. Things seem to work, but how do I launch the program?


Normally, it should be running automatically after each boot. It requires a restart after installation though.

Hi! I am new to Ubuntu. I am running a dell n5110 and the battery life suffered badly after installing the os. I followed the instructions above but when I wonted to launch the program the system said there is no cpufreq program. Any advice?

install tlp (google-search) if you are using ubuntu 13 or later use gnome cpu freq extension

Is it okay to use it with Jupiter? And also, how do I unistall it completely from ubuntu 13.04? Totally a noob wrt linux ;)

apt-get remove --purge will also ensure not only that the package is gone but so are any configs that were not also used by other programs so you can avoid major headaches later with phantom configs that are nearly impossible (even for some veterans) to locate and remedy (extra space placed in syntax to clarify it is separated from remove portion


Yes, you can use it along side Jupiter. I have edited the post to include the step on how to unintsall it.

Hi Abhi, Can I use it in 12.04 LTS ?

Abhishek Prakash

It is an old yes, you should be able to use it in Ubuntu 12.04.