Best Themes For Arch Linux, Antergos, Apricity OS And Manjaro

Arch Linux is the desire of heart for anyone looking towards extensive customization. I’ve seen customization which, well, could have been a new distro in themselves. You can customize to your content on other distros too. But with Arch, since you are packing everything one by one, you can choose to ditch something, add something extra or even use alternatives so it’s… Well “You”.

Another thing that allows you to do your thing on Arch Linux and Arch-based systems is the package manager. Pacman combined with the Arch User Repository make sure anything and everything you’d ever want are always at your disposal.

Talking about the themes, the amazing Arch User Repository provides a huge number of themes for all the desktop environments. In this article, we’ll be having a look on noteworthy of these. The first section will deal with themes and in the second section, let’s browse some cool icon packs. Then we mix and match.

Best themes for Arch Linux, Manjaro, Antergos and Apricity OS

1. Arc

Let’s start with the most famous (famous for a reason) desktop theme. Arc theme is a highly sophisticated theme which provides a gorgeous view. Arc theme comes in 3 variants. Arc theme modifies the sections of the window into clearly distinguishable parts. It is currently my favorite.


To download and install Arc theme, use the command below.

yaourt arc-icon-theme-git

2. Gnome-Breeze

Who isn’t impressed by the absolute elegance of KDE Plasma desktop? Gnome-Breeze is the GTK theme which mimics this beauty on GTK based desktop environments.


To download and install Gnome-Breeze theme, use the command below.

yaourt gnome-breeze-git

3. Zuki

Zuki is a minimalistic and compact theme that still is quite appealing. Zuki also features some variants. The variants offer slightly different colour schemes. The theme comes with minimal padding and low on other shiny stuff. Still, some people might fancy it. Who am I to judge?


To download and install Zuki theme, use the command below.

yaourt zuki-themes

4. Numix

No theme list can be complete without Numix. Numix has some pretty beautiful desktop themes. Well, it has to keep up with its gorgeous icons.  Numix theme too comes in some variants from which you may choose the one that works for you.


To download and install Numix theme, use the command below.

yaourt numix-gtk-theme

How to change the themes?

Once you have downloaded the theme on your computer, you can browse and change theme using the below instructions.

Gnome: Use the Gnome tweak tool. The theme can be changed under appearance.

Cinnamon: Search for ‘Theme’ in the menu and use the entry. Various aspects regarding appearance can be adjusted here.

Mate and Xfce: Settings > Appearance

Best icons for Arch Linux, Manjaro, Antergos and Apricity OS

Now that we have got the theme handled, let’s take a peek at some icon packs to finish off the beautifying.

1. Numix Circle

Once you have got a nice theme and a mesmerizing wallpaper set, nothing completes the desktop like Numix Circle icons. Numix icon pack is colorful, vibrant and much more complete and consistent than any other custom icon pack out there. Yes, I said it and I’m ready to put my money on it too.

To get Numix circle icons, use the following command

yaourt numix-circle-icon-theme-git

2. Numix square icons

For those of you who are not really into the whole circle thingy, Numix has got some pretty neat square icons too. Numix has an extensive collection of icons for Linux software.


To get Numix square icons, use the following command

yaourt numix-square-icon-theme-git

3. Flattr

Flattr is a beautiful, very unique set of icons for Linux. They are inspired by the flat icon trend and they look good coupled with a bright wallpaper.

Flattr icons

To get Flattr icons, use the following command

yaourt flattr-icon-theme

4. Paper Icons

Paper icon set is an exhaustive collection of modern icons for Linux. They are beautiful and look good if coupled with either modern on material wallpapers.

Paper Icons

To get Paper icons, use the following command

yaourt paper-icon-theme-git

It’s time to let the imagination work

You can see that I have made the Gnome top panel transparent. I got the idea from Elementary OS and Apricity OS of course. You can get the instructions on how to make the Gnome top panel transparent here. A transparent top panel blends into the desktop background gracefully.

Well, these are not by any means everything that the Arch User Repository has to offer. There are a huge number of icon packs in the AUR. But the ones that are impressive and complete to a certain extent are listed here. This is a subjective topic so go ahead and tell us your favorite themes and icon packs in the comments below. Do share the article.

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  • Hello Aquil Roshan. Nice article but when sharing on Twitter “Manjaro” (my distribution of choice) is misspelled “Manajaro”. Had to delete the tweet and then RT with correction. Also some icon packs don’t install from ” sudo pacman -Sy”, giving a “target not found” error in terminal, although I have the Arch repository enabled, but that one I’ll figure it out opening Pamac, which is Manjaro’s GUI for Pacman.
    Thanks for the article and have a great day.

  • Hi, I an a newbie for arch linux. Just want to know how did you get the no background property in laucher section in these desktop themes and in the Activities and user section.