1. Hey Abhishek , I don’t think the problem is because of the 3.19.0-31 kernel, but I think it has something to do with Unity, because I recently updated my Ubuntu MATE 15.04 to the said kernel & I didn’t face any problems. I don’t know it could be because of the DE.

    • Yes. I have this issue on my computer too. As Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote on askubuntu: “Buggy versions of the Linux kernel were uploaded on October 7 to
      trusty-proposed and vivid-proposed. Corrected replacement packages are
      about to be uploaded – see bug #1503655. Version 3.13.0-66.107 (trusty) will be replaced by version 3.13.0-66.108 Version 3.19.0-31.35 (vivid) will be replaced by version 3.19.0-31.36”. And in update of this post he wrote:
      “The corrected packages have now replaced the buggy ones in trusty-proposed and viviv-proposed.”


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