How to Fix: Dates And Numbers Showing in Different Language in Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

Do you see the dates and numbers in a different language and the rest of your Linux system in another? This quick tip shows how to fix it.

I live in France but my I prefer to use English as the main (and only) language in my notebook.

When I installed Ubuntu, I chose English US as the system language but later I realized that all of the numbering system and dates are shown in French and not in English language.

It was also showing the numbers in European format where the point (.) and comma (,) are interchanged.

As you can see in the picture below, the file size is in 95,6 kB instead of 95.6 kB and the day is samedi instead of Saturday.

Fix Dates And Numbers Showing In Different Language In Ubuntu 13.04
Dates shown in French while everything else is in English

In this quick trick for beginners, we’ll see how to change the date and number formats in Ubuntu.

Fixing dates and numbers shown in different language on Ubuntu Linux

To fix the issue of dates and number showing in language other than your preferred one, go to Language Support option in Ubuntu.

You can search for it in Unity Dash or the GNOME menu. Just press the super (Windows) key and search for ‘language support’.

language support Ubuntu 13.04

In the Language Support option, go to Regional Formats tab and choose the language of your choice. Then click on Apply System Wide to apply the changes.

Fix Dates And Numbers Showing In Different Language In Ubuntu 13.04
Choose the format for numbers, dates and currency

The solution is really easy. It is just a matter of finding it. You didn’t even have to use any other application like GNOME Tweak tool.

If you do not find the language of your choice, you can install the language pack easily as well.

As you can see, you have the choice here to display the rest of the operating system (like application menu and window) in one language and date and currency format in another language. This actually adds to the comfort of a bilingual person.

I hope it helps you in changing the language in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

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