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The aim of It’s FOSS is to educate people on Linux and raise an awareness about open source software.

The contents we provide are educational in nature and we would like that it reaches more and more people.

The content and the images on It’s FOSS are under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This simply means that you can use our articles and images in your projects but you must mention us as the source. It also means that the work you did using our articles can also be freely used by others.

If you want to translate It’s FOSS articles in your own language and publish it on your own website, you are free to do so.

But you must mention us as the original source by providing a do-follow backlink to the original It’s FOSS article.

The same goes with the images on It’s FOSS.

If you want to use a screenshots or other images on your website, you are free to do that. But you must link back to the original It’s FOSS article from where you took the image.

We don’t encourage copying entire articles in English language (to avoid duplicate content penalty)

To avoid duplicate content penalty from Google and other search engines, we discourage copying our articles and publishing it on other websites.

Referring to it and using part of it is okay (with proper mention and links).

If you must copy the entire article, please use canonical tag to mention the It’s FOSS article as the source.

What about videos?

We have a very lenient policy on copyrights because we want the educational content to reach more people specially where It’s FOSS is not available.

This is why we encourage translating our content into other languages because this way, non-English speakers can also get benefit from our quality content.

It gets tricky. We are already on YouTube. If you copy our videos and upload it on YouTube, it makes no sense. We don’t encourage that.

If you have any remaining questions, please free to contact us.


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