Community Submission Guideline

Do you want to write something on Linux and Open Source that reaches a wider readership? I have good news for you. It’s FOSS now accepts community submitted articles.

But before you get too excited, you should know a few things before you contact us with your article.

What kind of articles you can write?

  • You are vocal about something, let’s say using init over systemd, you can voice your opinion.
  • You know a cool Linux trick, share it with the rest of the community.
  • You came across a new Linux applications that is not covered on It’s FOSS, you are welcome to share it.
  • You are loving a new obscure Linux distribution. Share your experience with it, what you like, what you find different.
  • Expert on a certain topic? Share the best practices. For example, if you have been managing Linux servers for years, why not share best security or management tips to help others learn from you?
  • Work in a specific niche/product of open source or Linux? Share some knowledge about it and you may get a chance to highlight your product/service (conditions apply).


  • Before you start writing anything, you should contact us first with the topic you have in mind. Once your idea is approved, you’ll be given a guideline to follow for writing the article.
  • Please keep in mind that not all topics will be accepted just because it’s been not covered on It’s FOSS. Popularity of the topic plays an important role.
  • Article must be written in English with acceptable level of grammar. We are not grammar nazi but we do expect the article to not have obvious grammatical mistakes.
  • Just because your idea was approved, it’s not a guarantee that your article must be published. You must follow the guidelines.
  • We will only publish at most one community article each week. If there are way too many articles in the pipeline, your article might get delayed.
  • Your article might be edited. You’ll be given the finally edited version of the article before publishing. Your article will only be published when you give consent to the final version.


  • This is not a guest posting opportunity. Don’t think of it as a link building opportunity. All the links in the article are no-follow. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are good.
  • Don’t send articles already published elsewhere.
  • Don’t publish the articles elsewhere after we publish it.
  • Don’t copy the article from someplace else. Write on your own.

Please note that you won’t be paid for the articles. However, we would like to compensate your effort in a better way. For every 100 words of your published article, we’ll donate $1 to an open source project of your choice. So, if your article has 1572 words, we’ll donate $15. By the way, did you check the donations we have made so far?

Now that you know some guidelines and agree to them, you can contact us by filling the form below.

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