First Stable Version of Apricity OS Is Released

Important Update!

Apricity OS has been discontinued in 2017 and you should not download Apricity OS anymore.

The very first stable version of Apricity OS has been released today. Apricity OS is a beginner focused Linux distribution based on the feared Arch Linux.

When I wrote about non-Ubuntu based Linux distributions for beginners, I had added Manjaro and Antergos Linux from the Arch-domain. A few readers suggested adding Apricity OS in that list. But Apricity OS was still in beta at that time.

Though the first stable version of Apricity OS is released today, it has already gained a dedicated fan following because of its good looks, ease of use and capability to run out of the box. While Arch Linux has always been considered a no-go zone for beginners, distros like Apricity OS and Antergos has lowered the bar, for good.

Let’s have a look at Apricity OS features so that you can understand why this Linux distro is gaining popularity for Arch Linux enthusiasts.

Apricity OS: Arch-Linux based beginner friendly Linux

Apricity OS features

Let me list the features of Apricity OS for you in bullet points for easier read:

  • Apricity OS has GUI installer for easy installation
  • Provides out of the box experience with drivers and a wide range of applications and media support. It also has Wine and PlayOnLinux installed by default for Windows specific uses.
  • Comes pre-installed with TLP to provide improved battery life and reduce overheating in Linux
  • Comes pre-installed with Uncomplicated Firewall to provide extra layer of security in easiest way possible
  • Pamac package manager with support for Arch User Repository (AUR)
  • Comes with systemd
  • Since it is based on Arch Linux, Apricity OS also follows the rolling release model. Which means that you get a fresh and updated system, always.
  • With Freezedry, you can create your own custom version of Apricity OS, online. You can download and share it afterwards.
  • Available in GNOME and Cinnamon flavors
  • Uses Numix theme by default for a clean and elegant look.
  • Provides documentation for reference
  • Has support forum

Here are screenshots of both GNOME and Cinnamon editions of Apricity OS:

Apricity OS GNOME
Apricity OS GNOME
Apricity OS Cinnamon
Apricity OS Cinnamon

If you want to give Apricity OS a try, you can download the ISO from their download page. The downloaded ISO is around 1.9 GB in size and torrents are available if you have trouble downloading such big file in one session.

Download Apricity OS

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  • Linux Mint (Cinnamon, for me) is the right one if you love Linux and wishing an OS always ready for you without facing any problem. The other right choose if your hardware is’nt recent is Peppermint (XFCE with “Nemo” is excellent).
    That is my opinion because really I hate Gnome and the Ubuntu default DE (even I don’t remember the name).
    After that, I like to put my nose into new distros and wishing to give a try to Apricity.
    Idea aborted at first step, because into UEFI HDD Apricity asking for two partitions (assuming I did’nt anything wrong). That HDD of mine already has four partitions and only one is free, so, farewell Apricity.

  • I really enjoyed Apricity but I ended up turning away from it because it was simple too unstable for me. Hopefully they have ironed out all the kinks. I just may give it another try!

    • I’ve been using Apricity OS (Gnome) since the release. Zero problems. Enjoying it a lot. Simple and easy. I’ve said goodbye to Ubuntu. Great feeling to be always up to date.