Ubuntu 13.04 Release Schedule

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As the release date of Ubuntu 12.10 nears, the whispers about Ubuntu 13.04 development speeds up. The release calendar for Ubuntu 13.04 has been out. Take a look at Ubuntu 13.04 release date and synchronize your calendar accordingly:

Ubuntu 13.04 Release Schedule:

  • December 6th 2012 – Alpha 1
  • February 7th 2013 – Alpha 2
  • March 7th 2013 – Beta 1 Release
  • March 28th 2013 – Beta 2 Release
  • April 25th 2013 – Ubuntu 13.04
There has been no named defined for Ubuntu 13.04 yet but you can read the discussion about it here.


If you did not know already, the version number of Ubuntu is based upon the year and month number. Which means when we talk about Ubuntu 12.10 it means Ubuntu 12.10 is (or to be) released in year 2012 and month 10 (October). You can read the detailed article explaining Ubuntu naming convention.