Ubuntu 12.10 Default Wallpaper Arrives. Have A Look!

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Ubuntu 12.10 which is bound to release in third week of October’12 has gone in to beta. As the development progresses, the new changes are¬†unveiled. Couple of days back the default wallpaper for Ubuntu 12.10 landed. Take a look at it:

Ubuntu 12.10 Default Wallpaper

What do you think of this new wallpaper? Is it better than the previous versions? Do let us know.

  • Raja Varma

    It okay. But who cares there are tons of excellent wallpapers for Ubuntu out there.

    • http://www.computerandyou.net/ Abhishek Prakash

      True there are many. But still Ubuntu has to provide something as a recognizable default wallpaper. And I think it is very much in the line of earlier wallpapers.

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