Seven Things I Hate In Ubuntu 13.04

Seven things I hate in Ubutnu 13.04

I have always been a big fan of Ubuntu. I still am. I am not saying Ubuntu 13.04 sucks. I love lots of new things in Ubuntu 13.04 but there are certain things which I hate in Ubuntu 13.04. And this article is to vent out my frustration over few simple things which should be there and few things which should not be. I am not talking about too much of geeky stuff such as XYZ library should not have been included or so. This is more from a beginner’s point of view. The list is in no particular order.

Sorry, Ubuntu 13.04 has experienced an internal error:

Ubuntu 13.04 Internal error

One of the first few things which you’ll see is this crash report. It keeps on popping every now and then. I know that this is just an apport and you can disable these crash reports any time but why is it enabled by default in first place. It started with Ubuntu 12.04 and has become some sort of legacy now.

Format USB key or SD card:

Now, now. Wait. Why this point in this list. I mean is it not that you right click on the mounted drive, choose the option of format to format the USB drive or SD card?? Yes, in a parallel universe (i.e. Windows) because if you have to do it in Ubuntu, you need to use a separate tool for it. And if you think the default disk utility program can do this, you are wrong. You have to install a dedicated application to format a USB drive in 3-4 steps.

No Sound in Ubuntu 13.04:

Don’t be surprised if after installing you find no sound in Ubuntu 13.04. You are probably not the only one facing this problem. By the time I am writing this article, there is only one workaround available and that is to reload Alsa. But this is a temporary fix and problem resurfaces every now and then. By the way does brightness button works in your laptop?

Unmet dependencies while installing apps from Ubuntu Software Center:

Yes, dear readers! There are several apps in Ubuntu’s official app store, Ubuntu Software Center, which are not compatible with Ubuntu 13.04. But these programs are very well compatible if you install them from their PPA, for example Nitro. Then why are they in Software Center itself, should they not be updated? Well, don’t ask me, ask Ubuntu.

Wait! Where is the weather indicator?

No weather indicator in Ubuntu Software Center. All you got is a weather indicator for China and a StormCloud that will cost you money. There is always the option of My Weather Indicator but not having even one working weather indicator applet in its official app store is a shame for Ubuntu.

What is this Amazon thingy doing in the launcher?

No really! what is this Amazon thing is doing in my Unity launcher?? Why is it there by default? I am not talking about turning off the Amazon suggestions, I am not a privacy freak. I am simply asking about the Amazon Web App which does nothing except opening in the default browser (like most of the other web apps).

Things I hate in Ubuntu 13.04

Dear Ubuntu! Backspace button in the keyboard has a purpose, to “go back”

As you must have experienced by now, pressing backspace in Nautilus (now called Files) leads you no where. Now you have to use alt+left arrow key to go back. Long time Ubuntu user might have experienced the same thing in Firefox as well. While in Windows, pressing backspace takes you one page back, in Ubuntu you’ll have to configure Firefox for the backspace key to work.

That’s just few of the things that irritate me in Ubuntu 13.04 but this does not mean that I dislike Ubuntu. In fact Ubuntu 13.04 is the best looking Ubuntu distribution of all time. This article is my attempt to highlight some of the common annoyances faced by an average user in 13.04 so that Ubuntu community can pay attention to them in future releases. I am certain that you too have few things which you hate in Ubuntu 13.04. Thanks for sharing it :)

  • satyam

    Yes you are right …well article about ubuntu shortcomings
    ..ubuntu community should take care all about these points..

    • Abhishek Prakash

      glad that you agree.

  • Rūdolfs Caune

    New Nautilus (Files) really sucks. They removed very usefull features. I switched to nemo. It’s actually faster than Nautilus.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      I have heard about nemo before as well. It should try it for sure.

  • Matt Tucci

    I thought it was my cheap keyboard. I about jammed the backspace button throught the desk. Thank You for another great tip.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      I feel glad after saving your keyboard :P

  • Shoon

    I used to rotate monitor quite often but I cannot do it anymore. Do you know why?
    13.04 freeze up when I do it.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      There are several bugs in Ubuntu 13.04 and display problem is one of them.

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  • mandy

    This is the end of July 2013. Yet these words ring so true. Dumbest install of Ubuntu so far. Crashes all the time. Still dies after suspend. Now looking for alternative linux OS. Used to love the 10.4. But Ubuntu 13.04 is a different animal.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      May be try with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Still better than 13.04.

    • Qw3rtz

      Elementary OS is great, but if you’d like to stay with Ubuntu (Because you are loyal to Canonical) then obviously 12.04. That’s so far the best Ubuntu release.

  • Topias Olavi Salakka

    Ubuntu works perfectly on my laptop, even the media keys and brightness control. It’s a HP 635 (AMD E-450, Radeon HD 6320, 8GB RAM)

    • Abhishek Prakash

      You must be among those lucky ones who got everything working with the installation. And thats a good news in fact. But most of the people do suffer from issues like what I have mentioned here.


        you’re right my friend this version sucks … I’m installing Linux mint 15 now let see hows that gonna work

  • Ubuntu

    Download kde desktop environment using synaptic package manager, it has none of above shortcomings

  • Prasad

    Strongly agree with you dear!

  • Ben

    I decided to give ubuntu a try again after the great unity disaster of 2011… I read somewhere that you could install extensions to customize it. After browsing the available extensions and seeing that there was a window list… i tought, ok i’ll give it a try… well… it would be wonderful if it worked, but it does not… For starters, you can’t install anything from it did not detect gnome-shell… after installing gnome-shell-extensions, the error message disappeared but i still was not able to install any extensions from the web site… using gnome-tweak-tools did not work either (gnome-shell not running error, wtf?)… upgrading to gnome-shell 3.8 also did not work…

    After wasting two hours on that, i gave up… going back to xfce for now…

    …Remember when you used to have a functional desktop environement in Ubuntu… Pepperidge Farm remembers!…

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Unity was implemented to focus on “mobile-like” desktop env. It will unify Ubuntu desktop, phone and tablet OS. While hardcore desktop users may not like it, I think Unity is here to stay.

      • Lewis

        ,,,and this should make the desktop users happy to hear you say, exactly why?

        • Abhishek Prakash

          sorry, but I did not understand your question. Can you please rephrase it?

  • dedi

    spot on mate

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Glad you agree.

  • Sipan Gabar

    yes you are right friend .

  • Alex

    Totally agree with you

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  • Wunderpie

    My problem is how inefficient installing programs really is – you say that you can just go into the Ubuntu Software Center and get the program you want – but the problem is, most programs aren’t in the ubuntu software center! And, many of the ones that are in fact there, like Java, says that I have unmet dependencies, and to install a whole lot of other junk. For example, you need to have a degree in computer science to install google chrome. First, I check the software center. Nope, that one’s not there either. Okay, so I google how to do it from the command line. So I download the .deb file. Then, I enter a command to unpackage or whatever the file to install the program. Then, it says that it encountered several errors. So then I close terminal, google that, and find a command to override that. So then, I open it up again and type in the command. Then, I realize, it doesn’t know what I’m installing because I closed the window before. So I have to do the same thing all over again, and then override it, which adds up to just about installing the program 3 times before it actually works.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      May be you have a difficult experience installing some software. I agree that Linux does not have as many applications as Windows. But installing Google chrome might not be that troublesome. Software Center has Chromium instead of Chrome. Chromium is the project on which Chrome, as well as Yandex and several other browsers are based on.
      To install .deb file you may not use the command line. Just double click to run it.
      I would advise to just be a little patient and try to stick with it. It is natural to get overwhelmed in a complete new environment.

      • Wunderpie

        It’s just that it takes way too long for me to get all of my usual crap that I always install on my machine… and sometimes I have to mark it as executable – is there a desktop more like Windows that I can use which is similar to Unity? XFCE and LXDE are crap – it’s just that Unity isn’t very customizable.

        • Abhishek Prakash

          More windows like: Linux Mint with Cinnamon or Mate. Up to you to decide the degree of customization :)

  • sodium

    All these issues are answered in Ubuntu 13.10.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Nope… apart from dependencies issue, rest of all are still persistent in 13.10.

  • Marko

    I living in Serbia and we can’t buy anything from Amazon. So wtf is Amazon doing on my OS????

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Another valid point

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  • TiredUbuntuUser

    and on top of everything mentioned here Ubuntu has become so unstable starting with 12.04. Upgrades broke all my installations (4 and each of them on a different hardware platform).

    I’ve gradually moved to Debian to avoid major upgrades of the OS. Got tired of fixing Ubuntu,

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  • tanjim

    Many other things,
    1. I have searched high and low to make bluetooth work and failed miserably
    2. My cd drive frequently opens up on its own(I have dual boot with windows where cd drive behaves normal)
    3.Tried my best to make a wifi hotspot, tried everything from ap-hotspot, dnsmasq, hostapd, wificonnect, reinstalling ubuntu, upgrading ubuntu, and failed.
    4. No pdf reader with simply highlight support, okular demands lots of kde packages and these eat a lots of ram. Really, still you cannot make just a simple pdf reader with highlight support and they want to compete with android, ios.
    5.unity dash has startup delay which is absolutely irritating and also pressing backspaces on typed search string on it, leads to microseconds freezes.
    6. nautilus is hugely slow compared to windows explorer
    7. No hibernation by default, hibernation on swap file is also not possible.
    8. heats up my laptop more on ubuntu than on windows.

    For the last 2 years I have been putting up with ubuntu, because only ubuntu and fedora allow the intel linux driver to install and also because I use linux as I believe that open source is the righy way to go and that they will fix these at some point. But so far it only goes to deaf ears.