Microsoft’s Raspberry Pi Will Cost $300

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Sharks Cove Microsoft

I presume that you have heard of Raspberry Pi. A $35 microcomputer that has revolutionized the low cost computing and has cult following among hardware hobbyist and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Several other followed in the footsteps of Raspberry Pi to provide low cost micro computers, Arduino is one of the successful examples. [Arduino came long before Raspberry Pi].

Microsoft has decided to enter the world of “System on Chip” and to come up with its “own Raspberry Pi”. Teamed up with Intel and CircuitCo, Microsoft will be launching a micro computer named “Sharks Cove.

Sharks Cove boasts of Intel Atom Z3735G, a quad-core chip with speeds up to 1.83GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of flash storage and a MicroSD slot among many other things. You can read the full specifications here. The main aim of Shark Cove is to provide a platform to develop hardware and drivers for Windows and Android.

Everything sounds fine till it comes to price. Sharks Cove will cost $299 with a Windows 8.1 license. While Arduino costs around $55 and Raspberry Pi $35, I don’t think there will be many buyers for such a high price in a domain which is dominated by low cost Linux based devices. What do you think?

On a side note, what will happen if Apple comes up with its own “Apple Pi” or “iPi”? Perhaps it would cost $600-$700 :)