Linus Torvalds To Join Microsoft To Head Windows 9 Project

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This is breaking bad. This is big. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and a champion of free and open source software has finally call it a day and has agreed to join Microsoft as the project head of the upcoming Windows 9 project. According to Bloomberg, Linus will be working on a new Kernel design for Microsoft that will make, usually vulnerable, Windows OS virtually impossible to be infected by viruses and malware.

Windows 9

Windows 9 is the most ambitious program of Microsoft till date as it aims to revolutionize the computing experience like never before. Apart from no viruses, it will also not have the blue screen of death anymore. The OS will run smoothly on any PC, Tablet or Smartphone providing a unified experience on all devices. Windows 9 will boot very quickly (in 9 seconds) and will not slow down after one month of use. It will also not have tons of temporary files and user will face no registry problem at all.

(Linus + Microsoft) vs Apple?

Many in the industry seeing this step as an end to 20 years long battle between Linux and Microsoft. On the other hand, some speculate that this is the second level of Linus vs Apple battle and Linus has joined hands with Microsoft to take on Apple. Linus had been unhappy with the iOS file system and called it worse than that of Windows. Honestly, Linus has been unhappy over a lot of stuff lately, remember Fuck You, NVIDIA? Any ways, it would be interesting to see how Apple reacts to this move by Microsoft while it plans to take on Google with its recently launched ‘iSearch‘ search engine.

Angry reactions from Linux fans:

The news of Linus joining Microsoft has outraged the hardcore Linux users. Forums and Google Plus are flooded with reactions from angry users who felt like cheated on this news. Billy Soft, who started using Ubuntu 2 weeks back, when his Windows Vista crashed, was almost in tears. “Man! I hate Windows”, said Billy, “I was making fun of my friends the other day for they are still using Windows. Windows is for grandpa, Linux is hip and cool. It makes you feel like a Geek. But now my friend just poked me asking if I’ll revert to Windows after 20 years.”

When I contacted Linus for his input on this news, on 1st April, he just smiled at me:

Linus Torvalds

  • blackroseMD1

    It’s not April Fools Day yet, man. At least not here. lol

    • Abhishek Prakash

      I had to post it at some time.. :)

      • CrashTECH

        Should have waited for it to actually be April 1st.

        • ntcongit

          It’s April 1st already, for like 11 hours

          • Steve Trivet

            for seemingly intelligent people, you morons do a good job of forgetting about timezones!

          • spaddle

            for seemingly intelligent people, you morons do a good job of forgetting about other peoples than Americans!

    • Péter Molnár

      Time. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey thingie.

  • gysadmin

    Nice joke ( April Fool’s Day ).:))

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Imagine if it happens for real ..

      • MDJ

        Im imagining and liking alot. That would be a very good system. Too bad =/

        • Justin Jacoby

          it would be a bad system for M$, imagine, none of the legacy software works, none of the games that we play on windows systems still thanks to them being closed source work, and yet M$ is trying to force everyone to “upgrade” to this version. They’d flat out die. It would however be even more secure than linux or apple due to the fact that no one would touch the sodding thing.

      • Dennis James

        that would be bad

      • Ian Simmons

        would be good for MS :-)

        • Shereef Marzouk

          and bad for Linus

      • Aibeetea

        Not when I am about to convince my dear wifey to dump Publisher and go Pro, to Scribus.
        Nice joke anyway!!!

    • Dennis James

      glad it is fake!!!!!

  • Feng Liu

    Fuck you!

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Well… Same to you!

    • patty

      You wish….Take a number….

  • Ryan Northrup

    Microsoft Linux best* Linux.

    * Assuming “best” is “anything that’s not Softlanding Linux System”

  • alex

    Whoever made this joke needs to be raped by a bull!!!!!!! Seriously. GET THAT BULL SOME VIAGRA!!!!

  • Atef

    April Fool x)

  • HoneyPot FP

    check the time zone before post.
    MARCH 31, 2013

    • Abhishek Prakash

      @google-b0685bc3faaacde683426b4927322baa:disqus I published the post as soon as I finished it. And it was just an hour before midnight, this is why it shows 31st March.

  • Inoki Sakaeru

    Hilarious 😀 though the new Windows logo looks great, no joke! You might as well remove it, before Bill steals it.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      not my copyright on the pic :)

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  • Dian

    Teu Eling! Hahaha

  • John Benedict Robles

    damn, i was starting to worry – then i realize it’s April 1st… LOL!

  • dailytrendzz

    nice joke – April Fools day!

  • Ubuntu is overrated

    The best part is when Billy left Windows Vista for Ubuntu…the Windows Vista of the Linux world….

    • Lathif

      good idea haha

    • Plast0000

      even vista got fixed xD

  • Dileep Perla

    “Windows OS virtually impossible to be infected by viruses and malware.” – April Fooooool

  • Captain obvious

    Somebody blew their load early….

  • Captain obvious

    Blew your load a little early…

  • Kunal Patwardhan

    At first i was worried too … but after reading “Linus will be working on a new Kernel design for Microsoft” … I realized its just a 1st April joke … Why on earth Linus will work on Microsoft’s kernel ? … He will just use Linux kernel instead !!!

  • fiture


  • David Schwartz

    It isn’t April 1st yet. Too early for the joke!

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  • Thuan

    Windows Server 2020 will definitively turn to server-core based platform designed by Linus Torvalds. I’m seriously wondering if that will never happen. It’s just simply because the utilization of hardware should be considered.

  • Dennis Nolan Menezes

    April Fools !!!

  • Pritam Garg

    happy april fool but it will be really interesting….

  • Fajar Priyanto

    I’m almost faint!

  • Ramesh Patil

    I realized its just a 1st April joke

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  • John Learmonth

    I did hear that Gates was leaving Microsoft to design a buggy, overpriced dodgy operating system. Oh. Sorry. He already did that!

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Good one :)

  • Robert Ruedisueli

    Almost fell for this when I saw it on my Google Plus feed.

    After two seconds of WTF reaction, I remembered the date. Good one.

  • thetestMailyoudeleted

    Thank you Abhishek made my day, getting a lot of play on other sites too, well done. People who don’t like this believed it and really got fooled or just wish they would have thought of it.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Glad you liked it.

  • Konstantinos Paschalidis

    R. Stallman will be the next Apple CEO. lol

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Yeah… and then all if us can afford usually overpriced Apple devices.

    • jomy

      Hey man its impossible

  • brixx

    i’ll stop using linux if linus will join.

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  • Ziera Eliani

    windows 9 logo not convincing

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Its more of a wallpaper for some contest.

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  • Eth0Wookie

    A Windows OS that’d I’d actually be willing to pay for!
    If only.

  • SanMiguel

    Fucking sellout. I hope you die of cancer Mr Torvalds!

  • Ula Alnashukati

    lol :) April fool’s day

  • yyyy

    practical joke

  • Eduardo Campos

    That would be good, Windows using linux kernel

  • dutchie

    Lol @ americans saying “its not april fools yet”.

    Yes it is (was). Fuck you and please understad that there are other people on the world besides ‘muricans.

    • FU

      Eat a dick.

    • Stefano Carlo Coronado Mondoñe

      There are Americans on the other side of the world.

  • Saad

    April Fool :/ Linus will never imagine something like this!

  • Mirza

    Finally Gates got into Linus’s head … he always messes around with people.

  • Sharon Raistlin

    You scared me! For one minute I believed, and then I remembered what day it is :O

  • nick

    hahahahah dem! i thought its real! then i realize its april fools day! hahahahahahahah

  • Walid Slim

    Good one, I was sure it is Aprtil fool from the title, but i read all the story because I was hoping to read at the end that it is not. Pitiful Windows !

  • Seth Goldberg

    He sure looks like Lt. Commander Data to me.

  • Alessandro

    Your logo looks great 😉

  • Taylor WeedWall

    FUCK! I took this so seriously until the end.

    • Abhishek Prakash


      • nandini nandu

        you made me cry

        • Abhishek Prakash

          and probably a smile when you realize it was April Fool article.

  • hurr hurr


  • Jay Balbon




  • movingSone

    Nice and easy! Got me although it was 2nd but man this article gave me hearth attack. Good one!

  • Mattias Ghodsian

    Nice April Fool’s Day

  • John Morrison

    Wheeeee!!! April Fools…..

  • Ravi B


  • Gordon Sullivan

    If Microsoft really used that as it’s Windows 9 Logo… I might be tempted… 😛

  • Lathif

    aaa Goblok

  • Babin Lonston

    I Hate it , Linus Don’t Agree For this , Linux has a Precious Name Don’t Spoil it by giving Hands From Text to dll ..

  • Plotomeo Galilio

    The new Lindos and this one is an open source OS.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Nice name.. Lindos.. :)

  • Jeremy Jones

    lol great Joke Abhishek love the article. Happy April Fools day to you as well. For the next 2h 3m here in Washington lol

    • Abhishek Prakash

      @facebook-887755005:disqus Thanks for loving it :)

  • Marco Valente

    Haha April fools!

  • John


  • Shaon

    Microsoft is Skipping their windows 9?!!

    • Abhishek Prakash

      lol… another April Fool article that contradicts with this one.

  • James Gascoyne

    You had better be trolling me for April fools or I will walk round the corner to the Microsoft office (I work two minutes away) and yell loudly at the outer walls of that office!

    • Abhishek Prakash

      You saved your two minutes walk

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  • Syful Sharif

    You almost got me a heart attack :p

  • Baelze BA

    i think that it’s an april fool

  • monya

    ah kampret lu !!!

  • lsatenstein

    Everyone can be bought. Linus is no different. But, he is now not at the top of the pyramid, but several levels down, and he is going to have pressure. Boy is he going to have pressure. Suddenly he will have to learn who is boss, who is a diplomat, who responds to political pressure and who is expendable.

  • alejandro diez velez

    lo cobraran?

  • Brad Bailey

    shit like this needs to have a “warning, your mind is about to be fucked with” label.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      the date says pretty much the same

  • Ling Leong


  • admin

    its fake

  • darrengoulden


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  • paineskid

    actually, it’s not a bad idea. with a solid windows wd come three advantages:

    unix can go back to being the OS for those who work with computers

    those who mainly play with computers will have a solid platform

    for casual web use, watching movies, gaming, etc.

    the internet will be rid of the microsoft “ya’ll come” virus. you know, the one

    that gets on yr computer and invites all the other viruses to live on it.


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  • JBJblaze

    YOU JERKS!! HOW DARE YOU BLUFF LIKE SUCH!! xD (April Fooling Pieces o’ Crap, Yas are!! >:D )

  • Kish

    If making a kernel impossible to be infected does this mean that Antivirus companies will close down or will this make programmers to make tougher viruses?

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  • Herman Van Der Blom

    It could not be real because Linus is in NO WAY capable of doing this. Windows was not copied from Unix like Linux. Windows was designed by the Engineer that did the VAX VMS OS and that OS had much better Multi tasking then Unix. Anyway Linus is watching porn now because he is talking a lot about deep throating.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Sometimes attitude of new Linux lovers baffles me. Visit any beginners forum. It starts like this: I installed Linux today and I hate Windows. People should understand that to love Linux, you don’t need to hate Windows. Sadly, Linux, especially Ubuntu, is going Apple way in terms of fan behavior.

      • rafee1344

        It might not be with users, in many cases developers too. Yet the proprietary developers have a big contribution in this fight too, specially Nvidia & Apple. I have an Nvidia optimus laptop & you can imagine the hatred I have for them. And apple try to pose incompatibility their trademark. I didn’t suffer from the UEFI obstacle Microsoft has demonstrated, so I don’t have that much hatred for them.

      • Carlos Webster

        How do you know that those Linux users are yelling/whining? They didn’t use any exclamation marks.(this is also the case with Apple fans.

  • Herman Van Der Blom

    Abhishek, I have a QNAP NAS with full LAMP environment and I think it sucks. The Q in QNAP should be the C from Crap. Anyway whats open source. Android is only 23% open. MySQL and Java are bought by Oracle only for one reason.

  • Sasha Shepherd

    lol, read the headline, and immediately scanned down to the date 😉

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  • Joshua Mars

    That’s cruel. Just cruel. Jokes like that aren’t funny. It’s like a rape joke. Would you laugh at a rape joke?

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  • Azma Yogi

    look at the top. if this true news, this should not placed in HOME > FUN

    damn, this for joking purpose. i took this seriously you know.. try to fooling everyone hah? haha

  • robdanet

    I just read this, time 1:00 a.m. 16 of June 2013 and for a moment I felt so angry..I nearly cried

    • Abhishek Prakash

      I hope your tears might have turned into a smirk 😉

      • robdanet

        you betcha !

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  • Roy Christopher Hill

    Here is the joke. Windows 8 looks like an experimental project that had features just thrown in. How about not using the new frame buffer features so I can run my linux in a virtual machine.

  • Guest

    Glad it’s fake

  • [email protected]

    About Time. 20 years of shitty attitudes only left us users with crappy software on either end.


    oooooooooooh gosh… I just read this on 11/22/13… I thought this was new news or something… I was about to go hide under my bed and kill something… then I realized it was an april fools joke… jeez… that scared me.

  • ventisca

    8 month later, still shocked

  • lsc9x

    It’s a pity this was an april fools joke. Could have been the best thing to happen to Microsoft since… DOS?

  • Abhishek Pathak

    Got trolled on New Year’s day. Nice one. Happy new year.

  • Hoyt Famayl

    Beautiful troll

  • Carlos Webster

    The good thing is, though, that even if this is true, there are much more members of the Linux community. There’s the rest of the people in the Linux Foundation (they constantly edit the Linux kernel), companies like Red Hat (they actually make the Linux distributions, which are OSes running on the Linux kernel) etc.

  • Aamir Shahzad


  • lol


    I was getting goosebumps reading this post… at first.

  • Goldyboy

    If this really happened, Microsoft would be drowning in gold……

  • Believer

    You nearly made believe it ’till I saw the ‘April Fool’ tag!

  • Rich

    lol I hoped then read the comments and noticed the date!

  • worleylevi1

    Wooo Almost gave me a heart attack.

  • Lewis Smith

    Are you kidding me? I nearly burst in to tears at this.

  • anony

    Think about it. it relects many supports in future from some point of view. teamwork leads to trade of techonologies.

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