How To Install Additonal Drivers In Ubuntu 13.04 [Quick Tip]

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Like Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 13.04 too has ‘additional drivers” missing from Unity HUD. You’ll find nothing when you search for additional drivers in Unity Dash. It’s because “additional drivers” have been moved to Software & Updates (known as Software Sources in Ubuntu 12.10). Let see how can you install additional drivers in Ubuntu 13.04:

Step 1:

Go to Unity Dash by pressing the super key (Windows key). Here search for ‘software’. In the search result click on Software & Updates.

Install additional drivers in Ubuntu 13.04

Step 2:

In the Software & Updates, go to Additional Drivers tab. Here you can see all the additional drivers available for your system.

Install additional drivers in Ubuntu 13.04

In the above picture, there is an additional driver available for my wireless adapter. Careful to use this driver as it has left me with no wireless network in Ubuntu previously.

I hope the quick tip helps you in finding additional drivers in Ubuntu 13.04 and makes your experience smoother. Cheers :)

  • Mallikkannan DV

    After installing Ubuntu 14.04, all drivers are vanished(including wifi) under Additional Drivers tab. do anyone can help me please.