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  • Lisa

    I really like the news on your blog about the Linux/Ubuntu stuff. But I guess I’d come and stay here even more often if you’d change the font of the headlines. It’s too fancy and very distracting. It actually makes me feel uncomfortable. Otherwise I guess I’d come here just as often as I visit the OMG!Ubuntu blog.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your honest feedback.
      I agree that it is too fancy. Though I am not very good at customizing a theme, I’ll try to change it, may be to Ubuntu’s default fonts.

      • Barry Ray

        i keep having to install flash everytime how do i make that permanent

  • Vanja Šantak

    Does anyone knows is it possible and how to watch BD3D iso on Linux?

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Hi Vanja,

      I have never tried 3D blue ray.. well because I don’t have a 3D screen :)
      I add it to my list and will try to write a tutorial when it is possible. Meanwhile I would suggest to ask it on Ask Ubuntu. And if you find a way, do share it with us.

  • thit18

    I have a problem..i did not shut down the windows properly and now it is not when i try to boot with a nbuntu cd, it says unable to mount a drive as it was not properly shut in is asking me to mount drive with read write option. How do i do that.please guide

  • robin

    I keep getting to a point with Ubuntu 14.04 where I cannot do any further updates because of a not enough memory error. My hard drive has lots of memory, but I don’t know how to allocate it so that I can continue to update 14.04. Any help?

  • Luis Guerrero

    Netflix in Linux Mint 17 Cinammon with Chrome 40:

    Followed instructions given in and all ran well until the last step: tried to activate HTML5 in my Netflix profile and there was no such option …