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  • Lisa

    I really like the news on your blog about the Linux/Ubuntu stuff. But I guess I’d come and stay here even more often if you’d change the font of the headlines. It’s too fancy and very distracting. It actually makes me feel uncomfortable. Otherwise I guess I’d come here just as often as I visit the OMG!Ubuntu blog.

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your honest feedback.
      I agree that it is too fancy. Though I am not very good at customizing a theme, I’ll try to change it, may be to Ubuntu’s default fonts.

      • Barry Ray

        i keep having to install flash everytime how do i make that permanent

  • Vanja Šantak

    Does anyone knows is it possible and how to watch BD3D iso on Linux?

    • Abhishek Prakash

      Hi Vanja,

      I have never tried 3D blue ray.. well because I don’t have a 3D screen :)
      I add it to my list and will try to write a tutorial when it is possible. Meanwhile I would suggest to ask it on Ask Ubuntu. And if you find a way, do share it with us.

  • thit18

    I have a problem..i did not shut down the windows properly and now it is not when i try to boot with a nbuntu cd, it says unable to mount a drive as it was not properly shut in is asking me to mount drive with read write option. How do i do that.please guide

  • robin

    I keep getting to a point with Ubuntu 14.04 where I cannot do any further updates because of a not enough memory error. My hard drive has lots of memory, but I don’t know how to allocate it so that I can continue to update 14.04. Any help?

  • Luis Guerrero

    Netflix in Linux Mint 17 Cinammon with Chrome 40:

    Followed instructions given in and all ran well until the last step: tried to activate HTML5 in my Netflix profile and there was no such option …

  • amit gautam

    i installed freya today on my intel i3 laptop.i installed compiz on it because i really miss the window negative plugin on any other desktop.after enabling compiz wallapaper is missing and i cannot apply any wallpaper.i installed cairo-dock as well but i cannot right click on it.At right click it restarts without showing menu.i googled the problem but didnt found appropriate solution.may be you can figure out the problem.
    thank you.

  • Milind Oka

    Hi all !

    Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS) is a free and open source Linux distribution developed by the National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) of India. BOSS GNU/Linux is also known by the acronym BOSS.
    This software package has been described as “India’s own PC operating system” and “the most meaningful product to come out of the Indian software industry in decades — and a work that a government department had done”.
    The software has also been endorsed by the Government of India for adoption and implementation on a national scale. It was developed at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Chennai INDIA. BOSS GNU/Linux is an “LSB certified” Linux distribution: the software has been certified by the Linux Foundation for compliance with the Linux Standard Base standard.
    This is all on paper in reality the whole country is locked by Microsoft Windows. I am really trying hard to implement BOSS across the country and set my country (India) free from proprietary and closed source software. I would like you to read my full story in the form of a petition on and encourage me by signing it. This story may inspire other FOSS activists. The link is given below. Thanks and regards —- Milind

    Click the link below

  • Azzam SA

    hi. abhishek, im confius. i have use unity for more than 3 years,but some of my friends said that kde is better, but when i give a try, i dislike it, but i still wan to use it, cause i want to know wich one is really better,
    and i want to ask you, wich desktop environment do you use and like much ?