Chinese Government To Promote Open Source With Ubuntu Kylin

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Ubuntu Kylin LogoThe China Software and Integrated Chip Promotions Centre (CSIP) announced a new reference architecture for Chinese operating systems. Ubuntu will be the basis for that reference architecture in order to provide a flexible, open, widely-used and standardised operating system. This announcement comes as a part of the Chinese government’s five year plan to promote open source software and accelerate the growth of the open source ecosystem within China.

CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab is formed in Beijing as result of collaboration between CSIP, National University of Defense Technology and Canonical (parent company of Ubuntu). Engineers from these three organizations will work together to speed up the development of China focused version of Ubuntu desktop and cloud.

Chinese Ubuntu Kylin OS

Ubuntu Kylin:

The first task of the lab is to focus on the development of China focused Ubuntu desktop version, Ubuntu Kylin. The first version of Ubuntu Kylin will be coming along with Ubuntu 13.04. Ubuntu Kylin is much more than just language localisation. It in fact is determined to serve the Chinese market the same way as it serves the global market. Take a look at some of the features of Ubuntu Kylin:

Features of Ubuntu Kylin:

  • Chinese input methods
  • Chinese calendars
  • Chinese music services in dash
  • New weather indicator
  • Integration with Baidu maps (future versions)
  • Integration with leading shopping service Taobao (future versions)
  • WPS office suite

As you already know that China has a Chinese alternate of almost all popular web services, to cater the need of a large population that only speak Chinese, a Chinese version of Ubuntu was just inevitable. What you say about this initiative? Do share your views.