Ubuntu Phone: Specifications, Release Date And Pricing

Ubuntu Phone Release Date Pricing  Specifications

Eager to buy an Ubuntu Phone? You must be wondering about specification that Ubuntu Phone will have, the price tag it will carry along with when and where will it be released. To answer all these questions, I am writing this article to summarize the specification, release date, pricing and availability of the first Ubuntu Phone. This page will be continually updated with latest information. [Continue reading]

How To Disable Secure Boot In Windows 8.1 In Acer Laptops

Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Acer Notebooks

I have already written about disabling secure boot in Windows 8.1 when I was using a Dell laptop. A number of people mentioned in comments that for them the option to disable secure boot was greyed out in UEFI settings. They simply could not disable the secure boot for the reason that the option was available to them.

I did not face this issue until I bought this new Acer R13 ultrabook. It comes with Windows 8.1 pre-installed and of course it has UEFI instead of the legacy BIOS system. In order to dual boot Windows 8.1 with dual boot, I wanted to disable UEFI secure boot first. And when I checked in to UEFI settings under Security tab, I found that the option to disable secure boot was grey. Moving the arrow key up and down to select this option was futile.

In this article, we shall see how can we disable UEFI secure boot for Acer laptops (and perhaps systems from other manufacturers). [Continue reading]