Microsoft Announces Its Own Linux OS

Microsoft has shocked the entire tech world by announcing a new Linux OS ahead of Windows 10 release.

Few months back when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft loves Linux, it created quite a stir. But no one could have guessed that Microsoft’s love interest in Linux will go to the extent of announcing its own Linux distribution.

Speaking at Microsoft Ignite event in Chicago, Nadella unveiled the plan for entering in to desktop Linux world. The new Linux OS has been named as “Miux” (pronounced as mix), which is quite evidently a mix of Microsoft and Linux. Nadella threw lights on the purpose of Miux and termed it an “experiment”: [Continue reading]

Ubuntu Phone Lock Screen Features

Tips on Ubuntu Phone Lock Screen Features

I received my bq Ubuntu Phone last week and I have been continually using it as my main smartphone. While I am still exploring it come up with a detailed Ubuntu Phone review, I would share bits and pieces of my experience with it.

Ever since Ubuntu Phone was announced, you have seen the famed Ubuntu lock screen with rotating circles, haven’t you? This lock screen has almost become synonymous to Ubuntu Phone. In fact, it got so popular that people have created Android apps for it. And not just Android apps, you can also use Ubuntu Phone like live wallpaper in Ubuntu Desktop.

While most of the people take it just as a beautiful live wallpaper with some information displayed on it, Ubuntu Phone lock screen offers more features to it which you might have ignored. If you are using an Ubuntu Phone right now, you should understand the Ubuntu Phone lock screen features for a better experience. Even if you don’t have an Ubuntu Phone right now, you can still read and find out the hidden gems in Ubuntu Phone lock screen. [Continue reading]

Easily Share Files Between Linux, Windows And Mac Using NitroShare

Share files between Linux and Windows and OS X

If you have got yourself several computers running various operating systems, you might be wondering about how to share files between Linux and Windows and Mac? Using USB disks just to transfer files between computers that are connected to same local … [Continue reading]

Manage Your PDF Files In Style With Great Little Book Shelf

Great Little Book Shelf Linux Review

How do you manage your PDFs and eBooks in Linux? Let me guess your answer: Calibre. It's a complete tool for ebook management but I have often found it resource heavy. What if you want a lighter alternative to Calibre? Great Little Book Shelf is an … [Continue reading]