How To Easily Install Tor Browser In Ubuntu 14.04 And Linux Mint 17

How to install Tor browser in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17

Keeping all the fiasco of NSA snooping on citizens and governments worldwide in mind, privacy is a growing concern for many. If you too are concerned about your online safety and want to protect yourself from network surveillance, Tor project is the best option available.

Tor Project has its own Tor browser which is based on Firefox and configured to protect users’ privacy and anonymity by using Tor and Vidalia tools that come bundled with it. Though you can download Tor browser and install it from the source code, we shall see an easier way to install Tor browser in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17. [Continue reading]

Use Pushbullet Indicator In Ubuntu To Send Files To Android Or iOS Devices

Pushbullet in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Pushbullet is an app available for iOS and Android devices that lets you send files, links, images from your desktop to your mobile device and vice versa. Pushbullet can be used in any OS by installing extensions in Firefox or Chrome.

If you are not fan of browser extensions and want to use something more of a desktop app for Pushbullet in Ubuntu 14.04, you can use Pushbullet Indicator developed by Atareao. Pushbullet Indicator is in development stage at the moment and doesn’t have all the functionality of the official Windows desktop app but it still has enough to get you started. [Continue reading]