Group Apps In Unity Launcher With LauncherFolders

Group Apps together in Unity launcher with LauncherFolders

If you have too many applications crowding all the space in Unity launcher, you might be thinking of a better way to manage them. Making icons tinier by reducing the icon size is one way, but would it not be better if you could group a bunch of icons? This is what we already do in Android and iPhones. Group the apps together and save the screen space. [Continue reading]

Check If Your Linux System Is Vulnerable To Shellshock And Fix It

How to check if your Linux is impacted with Shellshock bash bug

Quick tutorial to show you how to check if your Linux system is impacted with Shellshock and if yes, how to fix the system for Bash Bug exploit.

If you are following news, you might have heard about a vulnerability found in Bash, which is known as Bash Bug or Shellshock. Red Hat was the first to discover this vulnerability. This Shellshock bug allows attackers to inject their own code and thus leaves the system open to various malicious and remote attacks. In fact, hackers are already exploiting it to launch DDoS attacks.

Since Bash is found on all Unix-like system, it leaves all Linux systems vulnerable to this Shellshock bug if those are running a specific version of Bash.

Wondering if your Linux system has been impacted by Shellshock? There is an easy way to check it, which we are about to see. [Continue reading]

How To Uninstall Ubuntu Linux From Windows 8 Dual Boot

remove Ubuntu from Windows dual boot

I have covered how to install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 8 several times in the past. But what about uninstalling Ubuntu from Windows dual boot? Tutorial which we are going to follow here applies on any Linux OS be it Ubuntu, Linux Mint, … [Continue reading]