Atraci: A New You Tube Based Streaming Music Player

Atraci is a new open source streaming music player that streams music from You Tube but in a nicer and cleaner interface. Apart from listening to the top tracks, you can search for an artist or album, create playlists. You can also see the songs you played previously in history.

Atraci You Tube Based Music Player

In terms of interface, it is somewhat similar to Popcorn Time and Netflix. Since it fetches music from You Tube, you can also watch the videos in the left sidebar. You can maximize the video but it won’t go full screen, unfortunately. Also, you cannot change the quality of the video.

Atraci claims that one can listen to 60 million songs in Atraci which is much more than 26 million in iTunes. Atraci uses iTunes, SoundCloud and to get the track information and album art. Main features of Atraci can be summarized as below: [Continue reading]

170 Primary Public Schools In Geneva Switch To Ubuntu

Swiss schools switch to Ubuntu

In a drive to get rid of proprietary software, all primary and secondary schools in Geneva, Switzerland will be switching to switching to GNU/Linux. PCs used by teachers and students in these schools will run Ubuntu instead of other proprietary operating system (read Windows). In fact, PCs in 170 primary public schools are already running Ubuntu while 20 secondary schools will do the switch in next school year. [Continue reading]