German Town Gummersbach Completes Switch To Open Source

Germany Linux

Gummersbach, a town in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has announced that it has completed its switch to Linux PCs. The switch was done in the wake of Microsoft’s discontinuation of Windows XP support.

This migration has saved the town a sum in five figures. It might not be as lucrative as one million euro saved by French city Toulouse with open source migration, but the town will save more in future with savings on proprietary licences and lower hardware costs.

The city administration now uses 300 thin client PCs, with desktop and SuSE Linux Terminal Server cluster of six servers. The desktop environment is Mate. These PCs use LibreOffice office suite and the Open-Xchange suite of email, instant messaging, calendaring and online collaboration tools.

25 PCs has been retained to run Microsoft Windows in order to run specific applications used by the Civil Service desk, and for computer aided design software in use by the town.

Open Source adoption trend has been quite positive in European cities. It has boosted up after the demise of Windows XP. Several Italian and Spanish cities have already opted for open source alternatives. I wish to hear more such news in future.

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Notepadqq: Notepad++ Clone For Linux

Looking for Notepad++ in Linux? Unfortunately, Notepad++ is available for Windows platform only. At work, where I have to use Windows, Notepad++ is my favorite text editor. And at times I miss Notepad++ in Ubuntu.

Notepadqq: Notepad++ alternative for Linux

I know there are plenty of text editors that can be used as Notepad++ alternative in Linux such as SciTE . Some are even better even it comes to code handling such as the upcoming Atom editor from Github. But if you get used to of a certain application, you would want the same on all the platforms.

And this is where Notepadqq comes in picture. It is a look alike of Notepad++ which almost same features. If you are a Notepad++ fan, I would suggest to give Notepadqq a try. Here is a screenshot from Notepadqq developer:

Notepadqq best alternative to Notepad++ in Linux

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