Pinta 1.6 Released! Install It In Ubuntu And Linux Mint

Install pinta 1.6 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Pinta is a free and open source drawing application which is very popular among Linux users. It won’t be incorrect to term it as an open source alternative to Microsoft Paint. Pinta is available for all major platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

While Gimp is popular as full featured image editing software, Pinta is more of a paint and drawing tool. I have used it extensively in my tutorials for drawing arrows and curves on the screenshots and I can say that it’s my favorite drawing app in Linux. [Continue reading]

System76 Unveils Ubuntu Based Mini PC: Meerkat

It seems mini PC boxes are the latest fad. While the traditional PC boxes (read CPU) takes huge space either under the desk or on the table, these mini PC boxes can be conveniently placed in just few inches of space. No wonder these are getting popular, at least among the manufacturer for the start.

Last month itself Linux Mint powered MintBox Mini was announced and today System76 announced Meerkat, an Ubuntu based mini PC box.

System76 Meerkat Ubuntu desktop

System76 is a computer manufacturer that exclusive builds Ubuntu based laptop, desktop and servers. In a Google+ post, it unveiled the 4″ x 4″ Meerkat Ubuntu desktop. I do not understand why did they name it Meerkat considering that Meerkat was the codename of Ubuntu 10.10. Just saying that Meerkat Ubuntu desktop might confuse a few people. [Continue reading]