FOSS Weekly #24.21: Microsoft's Creepy New Feature, Tiling Window, Fedora Miracle and More

Microsoft plans to spy on users even harder—this time in the name of AI.
Warp Terminal

Microsoft's Windows has been intrusive to users' privacy—that's not a secret. But its upcoming "Recall" feature should raise concern for everyone. EU countries are already preparing to investigate it, but I feel that Microsoft will get away with this as well.

Microsoft Windows’s Creepy Move to Spy on Everything You Do With AI
Windows is eager to know more about you, and see what you’re doing. Good times! :)

💬 Let's see what else you get in this edition:

  • A new Endless OS release.
  • 90's Winamp media player is opening its source code
  • Arch Linux plans to officially support new platforms
  • And other Linux news, videos and, of course, memes!
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📰 Linux news

  • Arch Linux is finally embracing ARM and RISC-V.
  • A new Fedora spin is here in the form of Fedora Miracle.
  • Popular open-source project, TinaCMS has been acquired.
  • Endless OS 6 has streamlined improvements for everyone.
  • Broadcom has made VMware Workstation Pro available for free.
  • Manjaro Linux 24.0 'Wynsdey' has arrived with Linux kernel 6.9.

Winamp, the 90s favorite media player plans to make it source code available.

The 90s Favorite Media Player ‘Winamp’ is Opening its Source!
The nostalgia hits, with good news.

🧠 What we’re thinking about

An IT veteran shares his thoughts on why people should use Linux.

Views of an IT Veteran on Why You Should Learn Linux
As someone who has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years, I love to answer this question.

🧮 Linux Tips, Tutorials and More

These five tweaks I do while running Ubuntu 24.04 on a laptop.

5 Tiny Tweaks I Did With Ubuntu 24.04 on My Laptop
Some simple tweaks and setting changes I use while running Ubuntu on laptops.

Learn how to find your router's IP address in Ubuntu and other distros:

Get Router’s IP Address (Default Gateway) in Ubuntu Linux
Looking for a way to connect to your router but don’t know its address? Here’s how to get the IP address of your router in Ubuntu and other Linux systems.

All your tiling window manager questions answered.

Explained: What is a Tiling Window Manager in Linux?
Learn what a tiling window manager is, and the benefits that come along with it.

A huge collection of file-related Linux commands and their examples.

File Management Commands in Linux
Once you have a little bit of idea about the terminal, Linux command structure, path and directory hierarchy system, you should know about handling files in Linux. As a Linux user, you have to deal with all kinds of files and all kinds of file operations. You should know how

🛍️ Linux eBook bundle

From the prestigious No Starch Press, a DRM-free eBook bundle covering various aspects of Linux and DevOps. I highly recommend getting it.

Humble Tech Book Bundle: Networking, Sysadmin, and DevOps by No Starch
IT pros, this book bundle will get you up to speed with DevOps, teach you Linux tips and tricks, and demystify containerization. Your purchase helps charity!

📹 Video tutorial

Yes, we are making videos regularly 😄

✨ Project highlights

This app will make you ditch Google's messaging app.

Ditch Google’s Messaging App with This Open-Source Android SMS App
A replacement to Google messaging app? Works for me!

Planify is a very useful app that can help you stay organized.

This Linux App Helps Me Easily Manage My Everyday Tasks
I think this is the perfect Linux app to help manage everyday tasks!

Did you ever expect Ubuntu 24.04 running on a Nintendo Switch?

Switchroot Lets You Run Ubuntu 24.04 LTS On Your Nintendo Switch!
Start using Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on platforms you didn’t expect?

🧩 New quiz

How well do you know Mark? Can you save him from aliens by solving this quiz?

Mark Shuttleworth: Take the Quiz to Save Him!
Take this interesting quiz about Mark Shuttleworth.

💡 Quick handy tip

In GNOME's file manager (Nautilus), you can invert the selection of items using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I.

🤣 Meme of the week

I don't 'recall' anyone asking for such invasive features

Microsoft recall feature meme

🗓️ Tech Trivia

On May 22, 1980, Pac-Man was shown to the public in a theater in Japan. The game was called Puck-Man originally but it was changed to avoid vandalism by replacing P with F in the US. The game was a massive hit and generated over $2.5 billion in sale by the 90s.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

One of our Pro FOSSers has shared that a new license is in the works from Bruce Perens, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative.

Bruce Perens, co-founder of Open Source Initiative, is working on a new “Post Open” license
Bruce Perens is one the founders of the OSI and one of the co-authors of the Open Source Definition. He has been working on what he calls the “Post Open Zero Cost” license, which he hopes when it is complete will help open source projects that are being used by coporations be compensated for their use. We have seen this problem recently with overworker maintainers essentially working for free or very little compensation even though their software is used by a lot of corporations. For example,…

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