Microsoft’s Raspberry Pi Will Cost $300

Sharks Cove Microsoft

I presume that you have heard of Raspberry Pi. A $35 microcomputer that has revolutionized the low cost computing and has cult following among hardware hobbyist and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Several other followed in the footsteps of Raspberry Pi to provide low cost micro computers, Arduino is one of the successful examples. [Arduino came long before Raspberry Pi].

Microsoft has decided to enter the world of “System on Chip” and to come up with its “own Raspberry Pi”. Teamed up with Intel and CircuitCo, Microsoft will be launching a micro computer named “Sharks Cove.

Sharks Cove boasts of Intel Atom Z3735G, a quad-core chip with speeds up to 1.83GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of flash storage and a MicroSD slot among many other things. You can read the full specifications here. The main aim of Shark Cove is to provide a platform to develop hardware and drivers for Windows and Android.

Everything sounds fine till it comes to price. Sharks Cove will cost $299 with a Windows 8.1 license. While Arduino costs around $55 and Raspberry Pi $35, I don’t think there will be many buyers for such a high price in a domain which is dominated by low cost Linux based devices. What do you think?

On a side note, what will happen if Apple comes up with its own “Apple Pi” or “iPi”? Perhaps it would cost $600-$700 :)

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LOL... The iPi? Apple has started the i-revolution: Even Hyundai is naming cars thinks like i40 and the iLoad...

Eff, for that much you can build a desktop. The rasberry pi is supposed to be low level and teach from the ground up at minimal expenses. For $300 you could buy a lot of tecnology, and build something more productive, and with linux you can have a workstation. Windows 8.1 isn't bad, but its useless when you have FOSS.

Have they gone full retard over at Microsoft and Intel? Is it so hard to understand the appeal of the raspberry pi?

It would be a swell thing for industrial applications, such as lathes and mills and what ever else needs to be controlled by a windows based automation or cnc app.

I was curious to read this article... Then in the first paragraph you say that Arduino *followed* RPi's footsteps...
1) Arduino is a completely different animal. It's based on the ATmega family a tiny microcontroller, not a microcomputer.
2) Arduino, and all the spin-offs it has inspired, have been round for years before the RPi.

I now cannot read the rest of the article, as I can't believe anything you say.


Corrected the mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. You can read the rest now :)

Thumbs up, Microsoft! Can't wait until running full linux on these boxes!!!

So it's not exactly a competitor?


Not at all. It is best suited for developers working on Microsoft related projects.

I'll save my $245 and stick with Linux.