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One account to rule them all! Your It's FOSS member account lets you sign in to the Community forum also. If you already have an account on It's FOSS, click log in. Otherwise, click on Sign up.

Got Questions?

I already had an account on Community Forum. How to access it?

You can sign up for a It's FOSS member account with the same email address you used for your Community account. This will merge the two account and you'll get your account back.

I don't see a password here

There is no password to enter here. When you click login and enter your email, you get a login link in your email. Click on it to log in to 'FOSSverse' i.e. any It's FOSS web property.

The login link does not work. What now?

The login link is only valid for a single log in within 24 hours. It is also valid on only a single browser and device. If you are logged in on Firefox, you'll need a new login link for logging into Chrome.

I logged in to It's FOSS but I am not logged into Community on the same browser.

You still have to click on the Log in option. You should be logged in to the forum magically.

I still have questions that are not answered here.

No worries! Please get in touch via the contact form below and share your queries with us.

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