How To solve: Microphone Not Working In Skype [Quick Tip]

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I have previously encountered problem with no sound through speakers in Ubuntu. This time i ran into a problem with mic. For some reason, there was no sound through mic when I was using Skype. The person on the other end just could not hear me out. And it was not just the Skype, other chat applications such as Gmail, also met with same fate. A pathetic condition, I tell you.

How to fix no sound through mic in Ubuntu:

While looking for the solution, I found this post, which solved my problem and I hope it solves yours as well. Here is how to solve it:

Step 1:

Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and use the following commands:


Step 2:

The default input setting was set to Custom. I changed it to ALSA. And everything became rosy once again:

Ubuntu Mic Settings

If it does not work in one go, try to fiddle a little bit with default input settings. Just give it a try with some patience. Hope you your mic starts working and other people can hear your voice after this. Enjoy :)

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  • I thought I’d pass along what solved my problem in installing a Logitech C500 on a Ubuntu/Win7 dual boot laptop. in Ubuntu, video worked fine, mic would not pick up voice on skype test call. After trying it on Cheese and other things listed here and elsewhere, I tried it on the Win 7 Skype and it didn’t work there either. Did get a windows message that said device would work better if put it on a USB 2.0 port. I had it on a 4 port divider. I reconfigured it to a USB port by itself and it worked fine in both Ubuntu and eventually, Windows. Apparently, there wasn’t enough bandwidth to handle both the sound and video.

  • Sorry. I didn’t work for me. I’m using ubuntu 18.04 LTS and terminal shows me command not found.