How to Add Hindi and Devanagari Support in Arch Linux

Add Indian Languages support in Arch Linux based Antergos

You might be knowing by now that I have been trying my hands on Arch-based Antergos Linux lately. One of the first few things I noticed after installing Antergos was that Hindi scripts were not displayed properly in the default chromium browser.

This is a strange thing that I never encountered before in my desktop Linux experience ever. First, I thought maybe it could be a browser problem so I went on to install Firefox only to see the same story repeated. Firefox also could not display Hindi properly. Unlike Chromium that displayed nothing, Firefox did display something but it was not readable.

Strange? So no Hindi support in Arch based Antergos Linux by default? I did not verify, but I presume that it would be the same for other Indian languages etc that are also based on Devanagari script.

I this quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to add Devanagari support so that Hindi and other Indian languages are displayed properly.

Add Indian language support in Arch Linux

Open a terminal and use the following command:

sudo yaourt -S ttf-indic-otf

Enter the password. And it will provide rendering support for Indian languages.

Restarting Firefox displayed Hindi correctly immediately, but it took a restart to display Hindi. For that reason, I advise that you restart your system after installing the Indian fonts.

Adding Hindi display support in Arch based Antergos Linux

I hope tis quick helped you to read Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla and other Indian languages in Arch based Linux distros such as Manjaro Linux.

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  • This solved my problem in Antergos but since the last two days Antergos has been showing Tamil fonts in calibre and Qbittorrent :-(. I haven’t been able to find any solution to this.

    • Same problem is happening with me. This has solved the problem of devnagari font but okular and qt5ct is in tamil or Malayalam language. If you have found any solution related to that please let me know also.

    • Saurabh, it has been 2 years but I have the solution. You need to set the default font of your Qt Setting. Steps are: Settings –> QTx Settings [this entire dialog has Tamil font set] –>Go to second tab —>click upper button having horizontal three dots … In the dialog all fonts are in Tamil font again; just keep on changing the fonts until you got an english font preview below –>click right most button at the bottom of dialog and click right most button at bottom of dialog again. And voila…. you’ve Fixed.