Elementary OS Freya Review Of New Features

New features in Elementary OS Freya

elementary OS Freya has been released today. I have already tried out this beautiful Linux distribution. There has been several changes between the previous version Luna and upcoming Freya. If you are curious about what’s new in Freya, I am going to show you some of the new features in elementary OS Freya and a quick […]

[Review] Pear OS 8: It’s All About Looks

Pear OS 8 Review

I don’t understand the point of reinventing the wheel if you can’t make it better. Linux Mint has reinvented the wheel (Ubuntu) in a better one. Pear OS, on the other hand, while reinventing the wheel has focused so much on its look that the wheel is not ‘roll-able’ any more.

Unity Tweak Tool: The Best Tweak Tool For Ubuntu? May Be Not!


Tweak tools have always been in demand considering how much Linux users prefer to experiment with the looks of their desktop. Ubuntu has several tweak tools that are potent enough to do a lot of changes to Unity interface. My Unity and Ubuntu Tweak are such honourable names in the tweak world of Ubuntu. But […]