Atraci: A New You Tube Based Streaming Music Player

Atraci You Tube Based Music Player

Atraci is a new open source streaming music player that streams music from You Tube but in a nicer and cleaner interface. Apart from listening to the top tracks, you can search for an artist or album, create playlists. You can also see the songs you played previously in history. In terms of interface, it is […]

Make Collages In Linux With PhotoCollage App

photo collage maker in ubuntu linux

Looking for a collage maker application for Linux? You can use various Linux image applications such as GIMP, Inkscape etc for this purpose but these are full featured applications and may be overwhelming for average user. Why not use a standalone application which has sole aim of generating collage. Meet PhotoCollage, a free and open source […]

Easily Manage PPAs In Ubuntu 13.10 With Y PPA Manager

Install Y PPA Manager in Ubuntu 13.10

You installed a fresh new Ubuntu 13.10 and then you did all the must to do things after installing Ubuntu 13.10. Did you notice one thing that you have installed several applications using PPA? Even when you delete the application installed using the PPA, the PPA remains in your list of sources. Sooner or later, […]