Facebook To Buy Ubuntu For $3 Billion

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Facebook buys Ubuntu

It seems Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook) is not done shopping just yet. After buying WhatsApp and Oculus Rift, Mark Zuckerberg’s next target is Canonical, parent company of world’s most popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. This is revealed in an exclusive report by Business Insider.

When asked about Facebook’s intention behind Ubuntu’s acquisition, Zuckerberg said:

“…At Facebook, we always supported Open Source. We saved $1 billion by switching to Open Source servers last year. We used the saved revenue to buy Oculus”

But when he was further probed on why buy Ubuntu in particular when Facebook could have started its own Linux distribution, Mark answered:

“…Look, Facebook tried to pitch its own smartphone and failed miserably. While Mark Shuttleworth tried to raise fund for an Ubuntu smartphone and failed similarly. Ubuntu wants the convergence between desktop and mobile device and this is where our ideology converged to each other.”

But that is just the phony tip of the iceberg. Apparently in a world where hardware giants like Motorola (sold for $3 bn) and Blackberry (sold for $5 bn) fail to match the price of a smartphone app (WhatsApp sold for $19 bn), you realize its not ‘innovation’ but ‘information’ that is the USP of a tech company.

Since Ubuntu 12.10, Canonical is integrating Amazon in its ‘free and open source’ operating system regardless of if Amazon operates in a particular user’s country or not. Several other third parties also feed on the users’ private data. Even after one and half-year, not many people seem to even bothered about turning off Amazon search and this has only strengthen Canonical’s determination. Few privacy critics raised this issue but were intimated in one way or other by ‘less-than-a-month-at-Canonical employees‘.

“You see”, Zuckerberg winked, “Linux is free. $3 billion is for Ubuntu’s USP”.

When asked whether this deal will raise a great deal of hue and cry, Mark Shuttleworth told that they have hired a bunch of “less-than-a-month-at-Canonical” employees.

Read the complete story at Business Insider

  • Simos Katsiaris

    It was a good run, time to move to manjaro, if it wasn’t for red hat i may have moved to fedora but what ever, r.i.p Ubuntu, we will miss you

  • Michael Scott

    So is this a good thing or is it bad news for ubuntu. Would canonical have better success? Is this an April fools joke?

  • wollac11

    I’m guessing this is just a horrible April Fools joke.

  • Alexander Skwara L’AzyBum

    Well, not suprising… after Linus Torvlds announced he is going to work for Microsoft. The geopolitical map of different software is evolving!


  • Michael Scott

    Anybody else getting a link to wikipedia about April’s fool when clicking the source of the story

    • Simos Katsiaris

      Yes but the wikipedia article is wrong, it’s a national day here

  • Matt Tucci

    April Fool joke? Maybe, but Face(book) it. Ubuntu has been developed to a point where it is solid and reliable, I put a 1 TB ssd drive in a friend’s laptop over the weekend. Windows 7 is such a hassle to install and configure. Driver’s, updates, virus protection and so on. I then realize what a great thing Ubuntu’s become and what a breeze it is to install and am glad I have been using it all these years. If it is true I hope he doesn’t screw it up.

  • http://www.antyweb.pl/ Rafał Kurczyński

    Good joke! :)

  • Yetzederixx

    How about April Fools jokes on April Fools day?

    • Robert Brockway

      It is April fools day where I am :)

    • 127wexfordroad

      Believe it or not, the planet Earth is really really big, and has many time zones.

  • Name

    Uninspired, devoid of wit. Not even any points for effort, as none was shown.

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  • http://anhskohbo.github.io/ Nguyễn Văn Ánh

    Haha 1/4 :))

  • Pavak Paul

    April fool I bet!

  • deathman

    For today its an 04/01 joke but tomorrow they will buy it for sure 😀 😀 😀

  • Rudolfs Caune

    That would be desaster, but thank God it’s April Fools 😀 😀

  • Mauro Larosa

    i hope it’s only an “april fish”…

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  • Grierhenk

    Nice one ;). A bit like this one: http://accountkiller.com/facebook-accountkiller

  • Less-than-a-month-@FB-employee


  • Ramdziana F Y

    Fools day!

  • Tillmann Puschka

    april fools joke, hmmm?

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  • peernull

    April fools joke, or the real deal? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

  • a

    obv April fools joke, UBUNTU is worth way more than $3B

    • Matt Foot

      Obvious sarcasm is obvious :p hehe

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  • Tor

    Great news! I knew that sooner or later, so will.

  • Terimadipudi

    nobodys gonna fall for that one

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  • CrowderSoup

    Thank heavens this is just an April Fools joke. I shudder to think what Facebook would turn Ubuntu into…

    • Matt Foot

      Well it could only IMPROVE it – Canonical are an absolute farce

      • ThatOneGuy

        I agree, Ubuntu went downhill after 10.04 and i honestly think Facebook could make it a bit better, i still would not use it, but i might be more likely to suggesting it to friends. But either way, its just a joke lol.


  • suinjato

    Well played FOSS :)

  • Matt Foot

    Buy it then let it rot – it’s crap.

  • mothproof

    fudge you:) i read this april 10 and didn’t notice the day. i just recently converted to ubuntu after being forced to jump ship by xp, and am loving the change so far. so any news of zuckerberg buying canonical would be sure depressing. :)

    • http://itsfoss.com/ Abhishek Prakash

      lol… It was just a joke. Don’t worry :) Stay tuned on It’s FOSS for the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 stuff :)

  • totally_trolled

    wtf, I had hearthshake, before i read the [read the complete story]…

  • DogeCoin

    I didn’t read this until a month latter, are you TRYING to give your users heart attacks?

    • FieryGod

      i almost had one

  • ishan bakshi

    haha … april fools in the month of may for me …

  • linus

    April fools!

  • http://plasmagames.cu.cc ED Slipper

    NOOOOOOO!!! That’s my worst nightmare!

    Actually, my worst nightmare was being an integrated component of Windows 8!

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  • rincondelgabo

    In México, the April Fools Day is called “Día de los inocentes” and it’s on December 28, not on April 4. So i had a heart attack. I was thinking than it will be the victory of linux on the desktop… and the defeat…

    • http://itsfoss.com/ Abhishek Prakash

      I followed the global tradition :)

  • Gokul Subramaniam

    is it a joke or real…. UBUNTU is awesome…
    We won’t missit…