Square 2.0 Icon Pack Is Twice More Beautiful

Install Square icon v 2.0 in Linux

Elegant, modern looking Square icon theme has recently been upgraded to version 2.0, which makes it more beautiful than ever. Square icon packs are compatible with all major desktop environments such as Unity, GNOME, KDE, MATE etc. Which means that you can use them for all popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, elementary […]

Install And Use ‘Go For It!’ To Do App In Linux

Go For It! To Do Productivity App for Linux

How do you manage tasks and remember things in desktop Linux? I preferred using sticky notes in Ubuntu for a long time. But the problem I faced was syncing it with other devices, especially with my smartphone. This is the reason why went on with Google Keep. Now, Google Keep is feature rich app and […]

How To Fix Green Line At The Bottom In VLC In Linux

Fix green line issue in VLC in Linux

Seeing a green line at the bottom in VLC in Linux? No, don’t worry. You are not seeing things. Indeed a green or purple line on the screen in VLC is very common annoyance. Some times the green-purple line is very thin and hardly noticeable but some times it could be promptly visible. At times, […]

Get Notification For Terminal Command Completion In Ubuntu

desktop notification for command completion in Ubuntu

If you followed my last post on new features in elementary OS Freya, you would know that it is ‘introducing’ a new terminal feature. This new feature is desktop notification when a command completes in terminal. I particularly liked this feature because some command takes quite some time in complete and I get distracted in […]