System76 Unveils Ubuntu Based Mini PC: Meerkat

System76 Meerkat Ubuntu desktop

It seems mini PC boxes are the latest fad. While the traditional PC boxes (read CPU) takes huge space either under the desk or on the table, these mini PC boxes can be conveniently placed in just few inches of space. No wonder these are getting popular, at least among the manufacturer for the start. Last month […]

Italian Region Emilia-Romagna Is Switching To OpenOffice

Turin City adapts Open Source

Italy seems to be winning the race to Open Source adoption, it seems. We have learned about how various Italian cities like Udine, Turin, Todi and Turni opted for open source alternatives of Microsoft office in the past. Now the news comes that Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy is about to complete its switch to Apache […]

Elementary OS Freya Review Of New Features

New features in Elementary OS Freya

elementary OS Freya hit final beta last month. While there is still no clues about its final release date, I decided to board the ship and try out this beautiful Linux distribution. There has been several changes between the previous version Luna and upcoming Freya. If you are curious about what’s new in Freya, I […]

How To Install Themes And Icons In Elementary OS Freya

How to install new themes in Elementary OS Freya

Continuing my journey with Elementary OS Freya, today, I’ll show you how to install themes in Elementary OS Freya. Elementary OS is already known for its looks. And the default Elementary OS themes is quite beautiful itself. But this doesn’t mean that you are just limited to the default Elementary OS theme. Themes and icon […]

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Is Available For Download

Download Bodhi Linux 3.0.0

Bodhi Linux, one of the popular lightweight Linux distributions, has a new major release 3.0.0 available for download now. If you are not aware of Bodhi Linux, it is a minimalist Linux distribution which is based on Ubuntu. It has lightweight Enlightenment desktop Environment and it ships with a tiny set of default applications. What’s […]