Write! An Elegant Distraction-Free Writing App Is Now Available For Linux

Write! A distraction free writing tool with a beautiful interface is now available for Linux.

Write! has a number of features that many writers would love. Some of the main features of Write! include auto-saving, cloud-synced documents, offline editing, dark and light themes, unlimited undo, productivity stats. You can also publish your notes to the web directly from the app.

I must mention here that Write! is neither free (in terms of money as well) nor open source. But since it provides an application for Linux desktop, I am covering it.

Note: Write! is not an open source software. We covered it because it is available on Linux.

Write! features

Write! writing app for Linux

Some of the main highlights of Write! are:

  • Auto-saving (even unnamed documents) with unlimited cloud storage
  • Offline autosaving
  • Multiple tabs and writing sessions
  • Document library
  • Spell checker
  • Smart auto-complete based on your typing history
  • Markdown and wiki support
  • Unlimited number of undo, even across multiple devices (can undo on Linux what you wrote on Windows)
  • Productivity stats tell you how many words you typed. You can set goals here.
  • Share the notes either on social media or publish it on the web (like Simplenote)
  • Dark and light UI and editor themes
  • Multiple text style presets
  • Focus mode for distraction free writing
  • Cross platform but no mobile applications 

You can watch this video to see some of these features in action:

[irp posts=”15727″ name=”Boostnote: Open Source Note Taking App For Programmers”]

Experience with Write!

So I set out exploring Write! app on Ubuntu 16.04. There is an executable made available by Write! team which can be run on any Linux distributions.

Though I don’t have the technical details, I have a feeling that the Linux app is built on Electron.

You must have an account to use Write! app. Your notes are saved to a private cloud provided by Write! linked to your account.

Write! app for Linux
Account is mandatory

The GUI is impressive for sure. Notes are saved automatically with a sync sign reminding you of the saving process.

Write! app for Linux
Notes sync automatically to a private cloud

The dark theme looks cooler than the white one.

Write! app for Linux
Dark theme looks fabulous

Using Write! with the dark theme and auto-completion and spelling suggestions actually made me feel like I was using Atom and that’s not a bad thing.

Rest of the writing experience is similar to what any modern writing app would provide. It is the additional features that count.


Write! is a superb app for professional writing with all the right weapons in its armory. If you are a serious writer and can spend $20 (for the lifetime license), Write! could be your choice.


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