Velt/OS: A Material Design-Themed Desktop Environment

Originally intended to be a ‘user designed’ Linux distribution, Velt/OS is now a desktop environment inspired by material design.

When it comes to desktop environments, there is a set of popular DEs like GNOME, KDE, Xfce etc. Perhaps Lumina was one of the newest addition to the desktop environment family, until now.

Let me introduce Velt/OS to you. It’s a material design inspired desktop environment mainly for Arch Linux. The project is in the experimental phase and being ‘slowly’ developed.

Velt/OS was supposed to be a distribution

Velt/OS desktop
Velt/OS desktop

Longtime It’s FOSS readers might have read about Velt/OS on this same page here. When I first covered Velt/OS, it was an upcoming under-development Linux distribution based on Arch Linux.

VeltOS tried to be different from other Linux distributions with its “user designed” approach.¬†What ‘user designed OS’ meant here that users would have the ultimate say in every feature, from the user interface to the programs it comes with.

Users could have voted for the proposed feature or create new requests and based on the voting, if enough users agreed with the feature, it would have been included in the next release. The aim was to become 100% community driven OS.

That didn’t work out very well, primarily due to the extremely slow speed of development over a long period of time. Eventually, Velt/OS team gave up the idea of creating a Linux distribution. Instead, they combined their Graphene desktop with other packages and created Velt/OS desktop environment.

Try Velt/OS

Before you proceed, you should know that it’s an experimental desktop environment and it may not be best suited for you if you are looking for a stable experience.

Velt/OS desktop environment can be installed on any Linux/Unix system but it is primarily developed for Arch Linux and thus can be easily installed on Arch Linux.

You can find the installation instructions and download on their download page.

You can also find the source code of Velt/OS on their GitHub repository.

What do you think of Velt/OS? Did you try Velt/OS when it was a Linux distribution? Will you give it a try in a virtual machine? And above all, do we really need a new desktop environment?

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