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If you like what we do here at It’s FOSS, perhaps you might want to visit us on a regular basis to read more articles especially the latest ones. But then it’s a busy world and you might forget to visit us even if you have subscribed to our feed. This is where Newsletter comes into the picture. Even if you forget to visit our website, you’ll find the articles in your email inbox.

It’s FOSS Newsletters are the coolest on the block. Don’t believe me? Ask those 80,000 subscribers to our newsletter. The newsletters complement It’s FOSS in a big way. Apart from articles, you also get to learn our new videos, get the exclusive preview to our side projects.

Most importantly, the newsletter is written by me personally, each week and it gives you the opportunity to interact with me on a personal level.

And yes, if you don’t like the newsletter, you can unsubscribe it at any point of time. The unsubscribe link is at the end of each email newsletter sent to you. Your email address is never shared with anyone so once unsubscribed, you won’t hear from me again.

Welcome to the world of Linux and Open Source :)

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  • Best latest Linux videos from our YouTube Channel
  • Best free/premium books of the week
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  • Opportunity to connect with me on a personal level
  • It’s FREE as in Free Speech and Free Beer

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