Albanian Open Source Community Gears Up For OSCAL’17

Some of you might have heard of OSCAL, Open Source Conference Albania. I covered it last year before OSCAL’16.

First of its kind in Albania, OSCAL is organized by Open Labs, a non-gov, not-for-profit group dedicated to promoting openness, freedom, transparency and access by amplifying its voice as a community altogether.

Some Open Labs group members are also Fedora ambassadors and regularly organizes seminars and conferences in the Polytechnic University of Tirana.


Volunteers at OSCAL'16
Volunteers at OSCAL’16

The Conference will take place on 13 & 14 May 2017 in Tirana and will accumulate FOSS technology users, developers, academics, governmental agencies and anyone who shares the idea that software should be free and open for the community to develop and customize to its needs; that knowledge is a communal property and should be free and open to everyone.

The aim is also to become a meeting point for a network of individuals and companies with the aim of sponsoring and initiating projects which benefit not only the people of Albania but also for the surrounding region.

Register for OSCAL’17

If you are in the surrounding region, or if you can travel to Albania, you should attend it to meet like-minded open source enthusiasts. For the convenience, the event is held on weekends.

Registration is open for OSCAL’17. Tickets to the events are available in varying price range, from free to 40 Euro. You must get a ticket to attend the event.

OSCAL'17 Regsitration

You can get more details at the official website.

Bonus Video

Learn about FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) in 2 minutes.

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