$2400 Valued Introduction To Linux Course Is Available For Free On edX

Introduction to Linux edX

Probably you have already heard it. Linux Foundation has tied up with edX (a major online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard University) to provide its Introduction to Linux course, which usually costs $2400, for free.

edX has over 200 courses from over 50 elite universities, corporations and organizations worldwide. Over 2.5 million users attend these online courses across the globe.

Introduction to Linux course is starting from 1st August. There are three ways one can take this course (or most other edX courses):

  • Audit the course: Simple register for free and get access to study material. Participate in course as per your own pace. There is no compulsion or penalty if you cannot complete the course.
  • Honor code certificate: It certifies that you have successfully completed the course, however, it doesn’t verify your identity. This too is for free.
  • Verified certificate of achievement: This certificates validates your identity and costs $250 for Introduction to Linux course.

Introduction to Linux requires a working knowledge of computers and common software. Program aims to provide experienced computer users, who may or may not have previous Linux experience, a good working knowledge of Linux, from both a graphical and command line perspective. It consists a course work of 40 to 60 hours and is designed by Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, who manages training content at Linux Foundation.

If you are planning to attend Introduction to Linux, it is advised to have Linux installed on your computer beforehand. Linux Foundation has prepared a guide to set up the computer to help users out.

What are you waiting for? If you ever wanted to learn Linux, this is the time and best of all, it’s FREE! Sign up to the course with the link below:

Introduction to Linux course at edX

You can also check these other free video courses to learn Linux online.

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