Install SoundCloud In Ubuntu 14.04

SoundCloud is a great platform to discover alternate or indi music. If you are a fan of SoundCloud, you may want to try it as a ‘desktop app’ for Ubuntu 14.04, earlier versions and other Linux distributions such as Linux Mint, Elementary OS etc.

To install SoundCloud in Ubuntu 14.04, we shall use the same trick which we used to install Google Keep in Ubuntu. We used Google Chrome to install Google Keep and this time we’ll use Firefox to install SoundCloud.

Update: You can now use free and open source program Soundnode to install SoundCloud in Ubuntu Linux. This app provides a Spotify like experience for SoundCloud.

Install SoundCloud in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint:

Since Ubuntu (and most other Linux distributions) come pre-installed with Firefox, just open Firefox and go to the following address:

Firefox Marketplace is Firefox alternative of Chrome store and provides several apps meant for Firefox smartphone OS, as well as Firefox web browser. Search for SoundCloud in Firefox Marketplace. Click on install to install it and add is as a web app in Ubuntu.

Install SoundCloud in Ubuntu

Once it’s done, you can start the SoundCloud desktop app by searching for it in Unity Dash. Here is how the app looks like in Ubuntu 14.04 Unity:

SoundCloud desktop app in Ubuntu Linux

Uninstall SoundCloud app installed from Firefox Marketplace

Don’t be over excited. This desktop doesn’t have sound menu integration and I cannot say the same about desktop notification but it is still better than the web one, at least I think so. But if you are disappointed with it and uninstall it, it’s very easy to do so in Ubuntu.

Run SoundCloud, right click on its icon in Unity Launcher and click unintsall app.

uninstall soundcloud in ubuntu 14.04

I am not much of a SoundCloud fan. I prefer installing Spotify in Ubuntu over any other streaming music app. What about you?


  1. “Since Ubuntu (and most other Linux distributions) come pre-installed with Ubuntu”? shouldn’t be “..with web browser” or something similar?


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