How to Install Dropbox in Arch Linux Distributions

Quick tutorial to show you how to install Dropbox in Antergos Linux.

If you are following It’s FOSS regularly, you might be aware that I have been planning to use Arch based, beginner friendly Linux distribution, Antergos Linux. I’ll be covering all the small, big issue I encounter in my sojourn with Antergos.

In the series of Antergos tutorial, the first one is about installing Dropbox. Since Antergos is based on Arch Linux, the same method should be applicable to other arch based Linux distros as well such as Manjaro Linux.

Installing Dropbox in Arch Linux Distributions

There are two ways you could install Dropbox. Graphically and in the command line. First let me show you the command line way. And later, we shall also see how to install it via GUI (graphical user interface).

Install Dropbox from command line

Open a terminal and use the following command:

sudo yaourt -S dropbox

You’ll see a screen like this. Press enter to proceed with the installation.

Installing Dropbox in Antergos Linux

Installing Dropbox using GUI

If you are using GNOME, press Super key (Windows key) and search for Software. In here, click on Add/Remove Software.

Add software in Antergos Linux

This is indeed the Software Center/Package Manager in Antergos Linux. You can search here for various applications to install. It is not as fancy as Ubuntu Software Center, but it does the work.

Search for Dropbox in it. Right click on it and select the install option. Since I have already installed it via command line, I cannot show you the exact screenshot.

Installing Dropbox in Antergos Linux

Using Dropbox

Once you Dropbox installed, go to GNOME dashboard by pressing super key and search for Dropbox.

Dropbox in Antergos Linux

Clicking on it will take you to setup process of Dropbox.

Setup dropbox in Antergos Arch Linux

Once everything set, you will be flawlessly using Dropbox. You might notice that Dropbox icon is not displayed on the usual top right corner in the panel. Don’t worry, it’s not unusual.

In fact, Antergos Linux uses GNOME 3.16 and in this new version, Notification Tray is hidden at the left bottom of the screen. You can find the Dropbox icon here.

Accessing dropbox in Antergos Linux

That’s all you need to do to use Dropbox in Antergos and other Arch Linux distributions. I hope you find this article useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment.

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  • I tried installing using yay. But right at the finish these errors came up:
    ‘(2/2) Warn about old perl modules
    error: No package owns /usr/lib/perl5/5.32
    WARNING: 2 file(s) in /usr/lib/perl5/5.32 are not tracked by pacman and need to be rebuilt.
    -> These were most likely installed directly by cpan or a similar tool.
    Run the following command to get a list of these files:
    LC_ALL=C find “/usr/lib/perl5/5.32” -type f -exec pacman -Qqo {} + |& sed -n ‘s/^error: No package owns (.*)$/1/p’

    Then tried the trusted ‘sudo pacman -S dropbox’ and it sailed through

    Aparently ‘yaourt’ has been discontinued in favour of yay, but former can be installed manually if we really want to:,installing%20packages%20on%20Arch%20Linux.

  • Hi,
    I have switched to Manjaro from Ubuntu. I had problems in installing dropbox but after digging for a bit, I have built it from source using the source package from the dropbox official website.

    Dropbox is running on my Manjaro, but there is no dropbox icon in the notification tray.

    Gnome 40 is my DE.

    can you suggest some troubleshooting steps…

  • Is this advice still valid. I think that I recently read that ‘yaourt’ is no more.
    Apologies if I’ve got ot wrong.