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Discover New Linux Applications Every Week

Our ‘App of the week‘ series highlights an open source application for desktop Linux every week. Here are some of the latest ones.

Explore Even More Applications

Who says Linux doesn’t have enough software? Perhaps some popular Windows software won’t be here but there are always alternatives. Here are some of the recommended software for various purposes.

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Watch and Learn With Videos

If videos are your thing, we have a fair collection of video tutorials, distro reviews and desktop tours. You can watch them on our YouTube channel.

Want More Linux Videos?

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It’s all about exploring, enjoying and learning Linux

We are trying to make Linux enjoyable for everyone. These wide variety of Linux articles will help you explore the diversity of Linux.

Linux Nerd

Explore different Linux

Distribution Reviews

Interested in exploring more distros? Read these reviews to get the details about various desktop Linux distributions.

Linux Tux Gamer

Time to Play Some

Linux Games

Linux is not for gamer? You may want to think again. Gaming on Linux has improved a lot. Explore Linux Gaming here.

Linux Ninja

Become a Linux Ninja With

Terminal Tips and Tricks

The real power of Linux lies in the terminal. Learn some command line tips, tricks and tutorials and increase your Linux powers.

Raspberry Pi Logo

Linux Distribution Reviews and Coverage

Not just Linux, we cover BSD too.

Libeoffice Freeoffice Manjaro Linux

Gaming on Linux is not a myth anymore.

New to Ubuntu? Start here

Raspberry Pi Logo

News and tutorials about Raspberry Pi

Latest gadgets for Linux Users

Libeoffice Freeoffice Manjaro Linux

Linux devs & leaders share their stories.

Open Source meets science

Become a Better Linux User

With the FOSS Weekly Newsletter, you learn useful Linux tips, discover applications, explore new distros and stay updated with the latest from Linux world


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