FreeBSD 11.0 Released! Here Are The New Features

FreeBSD 11.0 released with new features

FreeBSD has a new major release today. FreeBSD 11.0 has been finally released after initial delays.

FreeBSD is a Unix-like free operating system. BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) is a Unix operating system with its own BSD Kernel. FreeBSD is one of the free and open source variants of BSD and perhaps the most popular one. Some other variants are NetBSD, OpenBSD etc. Apple’s Mac OS is also based on BSD kernel and it borrows a lot of FreeBSD code.

FreeBSD is security focused operating system that is mostly preferred by networking people. If you have never heard about FreeBSD, it’s fine. But you might have noticed a cute little read daemon (it’s in the first image of this article as well). It’s Beastie, the mascot of FreeBSD. And in my opinion, it’s one of the cutest mascot ever (sorry Tux).

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FreeBSD 11.0 features

So what new has FreeBSD 11.0 to offer? Some of the main changes are:

  • OpenSSH DSA key generation has been disabled by default so it is important to update OpenSSH keys prior to upgrading to version 11.0. In addition to that, Protocol 1 support has been removed.
  • OpenSSH has been updated to 7.2p2.
  • Wireless support for 802.11n
  • By default, the ifconfig(8) utility will set the default regulatory domain to FCC on wireless interfaces. Because of that, newly created wireless interfaces with default settings will have less chance to violate country-specific regulations.
  • The svnlite(1) utility has been updated to version 1.9.4.
  • The libblacklist(3) library and applications have been ported from the NetBSD Project.
  • Support for the AArch64 (arm64) architecture has been added.
  • Native graphics support for the bhyve(8) hypervisor.
  • More wireless network driver support has been added.

You can read about more changes in FreeBSD 11.0 release note.

Download FreeBSD 11.0

The last I used FreeBSD, it was back in 2010 in my Computer Networking labs. I have never used it since then because mostly I am a desktop Linux user. But I know people, mostly in networking field, who swear by FreeBSD and prefer it over its distant cousin Linux.

I don’t know if you would want to use it (if you have never used it before) but if you do, you can download FreeBSD 11.0 from the link below:

Download FreeBSD 11.0

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