Configuration Management Tool Chef Announces to go 100% Open Source

In case you did not know, among the most popular automation software services, Chef is one of the best out there.

Recently, it announced some new changes to its business model and the software. While we know that everyone here believes in the power of open source – and Chef supports that idea too. So, now they have decided to go 100% open source.

It will included all of their software under the Apache 2.0 license. You can use, modify, distribute and monetize their source code as long as you respect the trademark policy.

In addition to this, they’ve also introduced a new service for enterprises, we’ll take a look at that as you read on.

Chef going to be 100% open source

Why 100% Open Source?

The examples of some commercial open-source business models encouraged Chef to take this decision. In their blog post, they also mentioned about it:

We aren’t making this change lightly. Over the years we have experimented with and learned from a variety of different open source, community and commercial models, in search of the right balance. We believe that this change, and the way we have made it, best aligns the objectives of our communities with our own business objectives.

Barry crist, ceo of chef

So, they want people to collaborate and utilize their source code without any restrictions. This is a great news for people who want to experiment their ideas on a non-commercial application. And, as for the enterprises working with Chef – the open source model will help them get the best out of Chef’s services.

Barry Crist (CEO of Chef) also mentioned:

This means that all of the software that we produce will be created in public repos. It also means that we will open up more of our product development process to the public, including roadmaps, triage and other aspects of our product design and planning process.

New Launch: Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

To streamline the way of deploying and updating their software for enterprises, they have introduced a new ‘Chef Enterprise Automation Stack’. It will be specifically tailored for enterprises relying on Chef.

However, it will also be available for free – for non-commercial usage or experimentation.

To describe it, Barry wrote:

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack is anchored by Chef Workstation, the quickest way to get a development environment up and running, and Chef Automate as the enterprise observability and management console for the system. Also included is Chef Infra (formerly just Chef) for infrastructure automation, Chef InSpec for security and compliance automation and Chef Habitat for application deployment and orchestration automation.

So, you get more perks now if you purchase a Chef subscription.

Wrapping Up

With these major changes, Chef definitely seems to offer more streamlined services keeping in mind the future of their software services and the enterprises relying on it.

What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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