Celebrating 5th Birthday of It’s FOSS With A Raspberry Pi 3 Giveaway

It’s FOSS is 5 years old today. And I have plenty of announcements to mark this day :) But before that, let’s have a look at what It’s FOSS has achieved in last 5 years.

5 years of It’s FOSS in numbers

It's FOSS logo in last 5 years
It’s FOSS logo in last 5 years

This was the first article that was published on It’s FOSS 5 years back. Since then over 900 articles have been published out of which 832 articles written by me. The awesome It’s FOSS team has contributed to the rest of the articles. Some other stats you might find interesting are:

A big thank you to all of you. Without you, we wouldn’t have reached here.

The road ahead for It’s FOSS

5 years of It's FOSS

We’ll continue working to provide you the useful Linux tutorials, tips and share the latest news that matter to you as a FOSS and Linux lover. But apart from that, you’ll see a few changes and a few new projects from It’s FOSS. 

Let me divulge some details.

New website: Why Use Linux

If you are a subscriber to It’s FOSS Newsletter, you might already know this. I created a new website Why Use Linux to promote Linux usage. This website simply lists the reasons why one should use Linux, commonly used applications available for Linux and the best Linux distribution choices available for a beginner.

Please visit the website and if you like it, share it in your circle. If you have suggestions, feel free to tell me.

Why Use Linux

It’s FOSS debuts on Patreon

To provide you the best experience, It’s FOSS runs on Synthesis hosting which is expensive but worth it. Apart from that, it uses other premium services and plugins.

It all comes at a cost but we manage to cover it through It’s FOSS Shop (part of the profit is donated) and the advertisements on the website.

But as we try to work on new projects and expand our team to make It’s FOSS the best Linux and Open Source web portal, the expenses will rise. Since I am not a big fan of ads, I am exploring the new revenue option from Patreon

Patreon is a platform that lets you support your favorite artist, writer, artist financially. You can set up a recurring monthly amount and support your favorite projects. It’s FOSS has just landed on Patreon.

If you think It’s FOSS has helped you in the past and you want it to build more projects for Linux and Open Source, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Support It’s FOSS on Patreon

It’s FOSS job portal for Linux and Open Source projects [beta]

On the 5th anniversary, I am also unveiling a new project in progress. We now have a job portal, in beta for now.

If you have an open source project and you are looking for volunteers (coding, marketing, translation etc) to contribute, you can post an entry for free.

If you are an enterprise and have open positions for Linux and other open source technologies, you can post the job offer (free in beta).

Alternatively, you can find Linux related jobs and open source projects looking for volunteers.

It’s FOSS Job Portal

Bash Challenge eBook

Remember our Bash Challenge series by Sylvain? We have compiled 17 such bash challenges in an eBook of over 60 pages. It consists of several unpublished Bash puzzles.

The book will be available soon to buy from Amazon and It’s FOSS website. At present, we are exploring options to make it available DRM-free.

The revenue thus generated will help us grow and in turn, will help millions of other readers through It’s FOSS articles.

This is our first attempt at creating eBooks. We plan to launch more interesting books in related fields in coming months. Stay tuned for that :)

Raspberry Pi 3 Giveaway

In the end, I would like to thank you all for being awesome and supporting It’s FOSS till now. And I hope to have your support in future as well.

As a token of thanks, here’s a Raspberry Pi 3 that will be awarded to one lucky winner.


  1. Wow. I found this 3, maybe 4 years ago. Congratulations!

    I remember the old website, the old emails. Anyone else remember the article where 170 schools in Geneva switch to Linux? (2014-07-21)

    Congratulations Abhishek (&team).
    A sincere congratulations to you all.

    It’s astounding how time flies.

    Thank you, for the articles and memories. I remember a debate in one article, that got heated, and ended with the us shaking metaphorical hands

  2. Congratulations to you, Abhishek, and your team on five years of ‘It’s Foss’. I have enjoyed your weekly advice, news, and reviews since beginning my personal Linux journey in Spring 2014. You have been a great help and inspiration to me and many others. Please keep up your great work. A big thank-you.

  3. congratulations, pleased to know that. wish you all the best for following:
    volunteers for contribution to (coding, marketing, translation etc)
    job portal

    all the best from the bottom of my heart.

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