Ubuntu 14.04 Wallpaper Contest Kicks Off

Ubuntu 14.04 wallpaper contest

Ubuntu 14.04 wallpaper contest is open for entries. As the tradition goes, Ubuntu starts a wallpaper contest before the release of each version. Photographers and digital artists from all over the world submit their entries. A handful of entries are chosen and then these entries are included in the default wallpaper set in the upcoming […]

Ubuntu 13.10 Default Wallpaper Is Here!

Ubuntu 13.10 default wallpaper

Ubuntu 13.10 default wallpapers has been revealed. So, the first thing you’ll see after installing Ubuntu 13.10 is this desktop background: Keeping the tradition of Purple-ish color, it is not much different than the default wallpaper of Ubuntu 13.04. In fact, it looks as if it has been reversed this time. The default wallpaper will […]

How To Use Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper In Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu phone lock screen like wallpaper in Ubuntu 13.04 desktop

Ever since Ubuntu Phone has been unveiled, one of the major attraction for Ubuntu lovers is the lock screen “evolving circle” wallpaper for Ubuntu Phone. This default live wallpaper shows a number of statistics about your phone such as calls, messages etc. This evolving circle wallpaper has almost become the logo for Ubuntu phone. In […]

First Look At Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpapers


As the tradition goes, Ubuntu invites entries for default wallpapers of its upcoming release, and selects the best among them. Wallpaper contest is over for the Ubuntu 13.10 release, and it’s time to announce the winner. There is a slight change though. We have 18 wallpapers for Ubuntu 13.10 which is slightly more in number […]